Does Anyone Here Actually Make a Profit? With What?


8 Years
Jul 28, 2011
Just curious. While I realize that most folks here have backyard flocks of less than 20 birds, some folks have more.

I think that most folks have their chickens free-range or go in a run during the day but employ some feed whether it is layer feed for layers or flock raiser/chick crumbles for meaties.

I think 20 is about the point where chicken keeping and feeding etc. espenses become significant.

Does anyone here actually realize a profit from:

-sale of eggs
-sale of fryers
-sale of broilers or roasters


Which is more profitable for you? A focus on egg producers, doing meaties and selling as free-range, or sort of a mix?

I notice that chicken-keeping was very common in the US prior to the 1940s and is common in developing countries where incomes but also expenses are typically lower. Obviously there are fewer regulations (roosters crowing) in developing countries but is poultry more profitable on a small-flock basis outside the US?

I know this is a very open-ended question but I'm curious what has been the experience of those who have more chickens than an urban backyard but a lot fewer chickens than a commercial facility.
I break even selling eggs, and I also save money on feeding my barn cats some of the extra eggs instead of buying cat food for them. I do have people willing to buy fryers, but only have DP birds so haven't sold any yet. I think if you can buy feed from a mill in larger amounts- 1000-2000# at a time you can get much better feed prices than buying a bag a time at TSC. I don't think I'll ever actually make money on the chickens, but then thats not really why I have them.
I Think we made a profit, but feel guilty. I sold three hens , two pullets and two dozen eggs this week end. $20 a dozen for the eggs but the $25 each for the hens was more likely a loss and I hope they are well cared for as feed prices are going up. It is like selling a child no:lol:not really but then I keep hatching anyway. and they keep laying those golden eggs
I just have my flock for eggs. I haven't ventured into selling meat birds and not sure I ever will. With that, I've been breaking even buying organic chicken feed and just selling to the neighbors and family. I still have a surplus of eggs tho'. I feed these my own family, back to my flock, my dog, and my cats.

My local co-op that I shop at has been asking me if I'd be interested in selling there. I'd have to get a license to sell off my farm (on-farm sales it isn't required here) - which will run me about $50/year - but I've got the ball rolling. First I filed for a "Limited Liability Corporation" (LLC) status to protect our assets in case of Salmonella or some other potential disaster. Goal is to NOT have any disasters, but it can happen to the best of anyone! This is costing me about $600 including lawyer backup, but *IF*IF*IF*IF there's ever an issue, we'll be safer for it. Once the paperwork comes in for that (should be this week, waiting on the state stamp of approval) I'll get the license filed. I've been working on a business web site which is going to cost me $20/mo and lets not forget about the 1000 premium business cards from VistaPrint for $20.

Despite the fact I feel we would qualify for "certified organic" status, I won't be applying for it. It costs way too much overall (at least another $700/yr).


Will I make a profit? To be honest, I don't know! Maybe. Maybe not. I'll be happy to break even.
Our operation will never get any larger than it already is. I don't wish to have our acreage stripped bare by increasing our free-rangers. Plus, small scale and intimate is more my style!
With 8 RIRs, in the spring & summer I actually make a profit. I sell about 4 dozen a week, $2 wholesale, to a person who sells them at a farmers market for $3. That's roughly, $32/month. My girls go though 50 pounds of feed a month, currently $18.

So I make a grand total of $14/month. And that usually goes towards treats/scratch/mealworms/whatever.
I sell eggs from our 13 hens to our regular customers -- $62/month ($3.50/doz) and I spend around $25/month on feed, wood shavings, & flockblock. Of course, if you add in the cost of the hoop coop & crate coop, it'll be DECADES before I turn a profit!

But let's not think about that... I'm making a profit... That's my story and I'm sticking' with it!

(And I get "FREE" tasty eggs, and FREE chicken tv!)
Depends on how you define profit. I figure if selling the eggs pays for the feed (and so far it has) and I still have enough eggs for us that's a profit. I spent very little on the outbuildings and fencing. Made them mostly from scrap lumber and other stuff I found so very little expense there. The only real expense was about $150 for the hens including the three I lost to predators early on.
Quote: first, when I read $20 a dozen for the eggs...I was like.."those must be some darn good eggs. I need to charge more than $2.00 for mine"...then I realized, you meant for hatching, no eating. hehe.
Am I making money selling eggs? Yes I am and a fair profit at this time but will I make my initial investment back? Probably not. If I broke down coop and run costs,chick costs as well as feed up to point of lay it would be kind of like having a pickup truck that gets ten miles a gallon and your going on a hundred mile trip with 8 gallons of fuel.

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