Does anyone know of any solid science or studies regarding the use of canine/feline flea and tick tr

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    I've seen a huge trend of people (including many experienced keepers and breeders) using products such as Frontline on their birds to treat mites and lice. I've been dubious of the safety of such treatments since I first heard about them, and talking to a few experts has definitely made me even more dubious. The first was my avian vet - when I mentioned to her, she said the active ingredient in most of these treatments are part of a class of drugs which are extremely toxic to poultry. The second person was a poultry extension specialist from UC Davis who said, quote, "Whenever I see people treating their birds with these things, I tell them, 'Never eat those eggs again,' since there is no research whatsoever on the withdrawal periods or long-term effects of them.' "

    And while, from a logical standpoint and knowing both of these people as being very well educated individuals (the vet I have worked with many times and she is probably the smartest person I know), I'm very inclined to jump on the "This is a terrible idea; Why is everyone doing this?!" bandwagon, I haven't seen any solid studies or reviews on the effects of these items. I'm not very hopeful that there are any, since this seems to be a new thing - but perhaps someone at some point has studied it. Any links or help are appreciated.

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    I would be interested in the info as well.

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