Does anyone know what is wrong with our little chick?

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    Apr 19, 2017

    Our family is jumping into raising chickens this year for the first time. We picked up 9 baby chicks on April 10 - even though we only planned to go with 6-8 :)

    (2 Black Australorps, 1 Standard Pheasant Cochin, 2 Barred Rock, 2 Buff Orpington and 2 Welsummers)

    We started them on medicated chick starter feed and Apple Cider Vinegar water.

    On April 13 we notice bloody poop, and research led us to believe we may need to be concerned about Coccidiosis. So we stopped ACV and started using a bit of Corrid in the water - using dosage suggestions we found in BYC.

    On April 15, one of our Buff Orpington Chicks passed away. She was very weak and lethargic. We tried feeding her and getting her to drink water, but nothing seemed to work.

    On April 17, we picked up another Buff Orpington (so the one that was left would have a "twin") and we also picked up a Standard Silver Laced Cochin. So the Pheasant Cochin would have a "twin".

    April 17 we also switched to Organic Chick Starter feed, after seeing something that talked about how Corrid should not be used with medicated feed. We also switched the water to using Life Lytes in it for a few days.

    Since the middle of last week we have been keeping an eye on one of our Welsummer chicks. She seems to have a hard time getting around and is definitely not very active compared to the other 9.

    Compared to the Buff Orpington we lost, this Welsummer does stand and walk a bit to drink water and eat food. She also eats out of our hand and drinks some water while being held.

    But she is very tiny compared to the other Welsummer we got at the same time. (as you can see in the picture below.) It is almost as if she hasn't grown in the week and a half that we have had her. She is so tiny compared to her "sister" to her left.


    We tried giving her nutria-drench today.

    We think she may have feet that are "sore" or that it is hard for her to walk, but would that really impact her growth?

    We don't want to lose a second chick within the first two weeks!

    Please let us know if you have any suggestions.

    Thank you very much!
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    Post this in the Emergencies/Disease/Injury forum, you'll get a better response.
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    It sounds like you're doing everything that can be done. Continue with it and hopefully she'll improve. Just remember not to over help, you can kill them with too much help/liquids.
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    You are still giving Corid, right?
    I would keep that up at the reduced dose as per the protocol somewhere here on BYC.
    Beyond that there is only so much you can do...
    If you think it's her feet/legs, I would separate her briefly and observe closely how she moves. Does she have spraddle leg and can't get her feet under her? Is she walking backwards? Are her toes curled? The former can be fixed with tiny homemade brace, the two others are a vitamin deficiency thing and should be helped by adding save-a-chick or similar to the water or giving nutri drench. Make sure their feed is very fresh, rancid oils can give them neurological issues. Having trouble moving around can be a reason for slower growth if she has a harder time getting herself to the feeder and/or claiming her spot at the feeder against all her broodermates.
    Beyong that there is little you can do. Make sure the brooder temperature is right and everything is set up perfectly. If she seems like she would be better off with a space of her own, build her her own little zone in the brooder with a bit of hardware cloth - if she can be close to her friends she will be happier and not drive you mad with her peeping. Watch to see if she eats and drinks and if not try to encourage her. Tiny bits of raisins are a great emergency treat.
    Some chicks are hatched with genetic issues or got too stressed early on and will not recover and they will go no matter what you do. So don't feel too bad if nothing helps.
    But I am keeping my fingers crossed for this one!
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  5. Not sure why you stopped the Medicated starter...?.....Its best to leave them on the medicated feed....

    Hope it works out..:)

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    No one wants to hear it when they're told they likely have a failure-to-thrive chick. The tip-off is that the chick doesn't appear to grow. And no, it does not have anything to do with 'sore feet'. It's more likely the feet abnormality is a clue to the condition of not thriving which is a result of genetic abnormalities internally. These prevent the take-up of nutrients from food and the chick doesn't grow.

    The best thing to do is to get some Poultry Nutri-drench and place a drop along the side of the beak each day for a few days, and make a "weak tea" in the water dispenser. All the chicks will benefit from it so no need to separate the chick.

    Offering boiled minced egg or crumbled tofu will also help get more nutrition into the chick. In spite of all this, the chick may not make it. The photo shows the chick in the typical posture of crisis - wings drooping and head tucked into shoulders. I've had two such chicks. One made it and one didn't. The one that made it benefitted from being left among its peers so it was stimulated to compete for food, increasing its appetite. I fed the boiled egg and tofu to all the chicks with a little Nutri-drench sprinkled over the top.

    It's highly unlikely your chicks have cocci. The "blood" you saw was probably shed intestinal lining which is a normal process.
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  7. I have never had that issue...EVER.....;).......Shedding the lining of the intestines is not normal at all..;)........

  8. Newly hatched Chicks are like any new Baby...Their digestive system is new.....Chick starter is formulated to make it easy to digest for Chicks..Adding a bunch of supplements and other feed only upset their sensitive systems...;)........All newly Hatched Chicks need is fresh water and Medicated Chick starter if they were not vaccinated..:)......

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    And if they're unable to eat or drink on their own?

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