Does anyone know which egg goes to who?

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    Jul 9, 2012
    I have three chickens. A white leghorn, a buff orpington, and a barred rock. Obviously I get white eggs from my leghorn, but I started getting brown eggs and I don't know whos is whos. One of the eggs is a darker brown, barely, and a little smaller , the other one is slightly bigger and if you look close up you can see tiny white specks, adding to a lighter brown. If this helps, the first one is smoother and the second one was a little bumpy. This is my first year so any help will be appreciated!
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    I just read the other day that someone suggested Lipstick or food coloring applied well... you know where. to determine which egg came from whom. in your case you would only need to mark one.

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    I don't presently have buff orpingtons, but did years ago, I don't remember them being speckled....One way to "track" whose egg is whose is the application of easter egg dye at the vent and if they lay in a covered area, you'll know whose egg is whose ...... Or you can do, what I once did when I wanted to collect hatching eggs from the eldest hen in a chicken tractor, I knew her approximate laying time and when she left the nesting box, there it was! Have fun!
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    i am pretty sure that the darker brown one is the buff orpington and the lighter one is the barred rock. i know that buff orpington eggs are very big i have some opringtons so i am pretty sure that is right. hope this helps :)[​IMG] and good luck with your new flock ! :)
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    Jul 9, 2012
    I'll try these. Thanks guys![​IMG]

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