Does anyone want to talk to me about Nigerian Dwarf goats?


10 Years
May 26, 2009
Central PA
I'm just learning about these little treasures and I'd love to chat if anyone has them or knows much about them. I'd be interested in a pair of does for staggered breeding so we'd have a small year-round milk supply. What can I expect to spend on good stock? How much barn and pasture space do they require? Are there good books/websites you can recommend to learn more?

Thanks -- I'm just in the beginning stages of my research, but I've learned not to go to hubby and bat my eyelashes until I am well-armed with facts and figures.
Shauna --

Thanks so much for the link. Not sure why my search on "goats" didn't return that, but it was very helpful.

It's a shame we live on opposite sides of the country -- judging by your sig line, we'd be great friends.
I want to eavesdrop is people want to talk to you about dwarf nigerians! I know I will be getting goats next spring, and have set my heart on dwarf nigerians. I want milk production for personal use, but don't need a lot so a full sized nigerian or sanaan would lead to a lot of waste! Plus, they are easier to handle and adorable. I personally think I'd keep two does, ones buck, and one whether as a friend for the buck. That way the does can alternate who is milkin', and don't have to worry about finding a buck in time to breed when they reach estrus!
There's no reason we can't be friends anyway! I love pen pals, in fact one of the chicken folks I met here is a Facebook friend despite the fact that we haven't actually met in person!

As for the search, sometimes it doesn't do it very well. I've had trouble with that myself from time to time. Oh, and you're welcome for the link!
well I have 2 nigerian dwarf goats myself and am in LOVE with them. I have had them for about 2 years now (got my first one about this time 2 years ago and the 2nd one the following Sept.) Mine are spoiled rotten and very socialized & friendly. They don't require much space at all (a back yard is usually considered enough) and for the first year or so mine used a large dog igloo and dog house for shelter very comfortably. We now use an 8X10 shed for their "barn" which has worked really well. They are very easy to care for and have so much personality if you work with them. I'd say the yard I currently keep mine in is about 40X60. I take them for daily walks on my property and they have never been leashed nor wander away from me...they actually follow me better than my dogs. For diet I give mine goat pellets and fresh alfalfa hay, then because I also have chickens have a mixture of grains they also like (steam rolled oats, sunflower seeds, cracked corn, and sweet horse feed (in the winter)). I also buy horse treats for them (oatmeal raisin, carrot, apple...whatever flavor they like). They are definately more "pets" to me than farm animals.
I had one of my does bred in Dec. so I can try milking (will be a learning experience) so she is due in May. My only suggestions would be to make sure they don't have horns. (should be disbudded when they are young). Also, if you are wanting to milk I would recommend NOT having a buck anywhere around. They STINK and will really make the milk taste bad. For price?....not sure where you live but mine were $150-$200 each.
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