Does float test remove bloom?


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Aug 27, 2019
Does dipping the eggs in water to do a float test remove the bloom? Or would the egg actually have to be washed and scrubbed for it to be removed? If I don't get to gathering for a few days, I would like to float test and not have to refrigerate if it's ok.

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Gathering daily is best, but eggs do remain edible for days, at least, depending on ambient temperatures, and of course if a broody hen has been sitting on them.
Candle them! You can see developing embryos and the size of the air cell, and if the yolk is whole in there.
Any with cracks are garbage!
The float test probably isn't relevant with eggs that fresh, and isn't fool proof anyway.
Refrigerated eggs stay fresher much longer, washed or not. Why not refrigerate them?


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Aug 14, 2017
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Just float testing shouldn't remove the bloom. Eggs can be left out in temps up close to (but not at or over) incubation temps (99°) without going bad for weeks.
Up north people have to collect eggs a couple times per day to keep them from freezing. Down south here, we have to get them out of the heat to keep them from beginning to incubate. :gig


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If I don't get to gathering for a few days,
Really you should gather eggs daily,
as well as check on feed, water, and any other issues that may need to be addressed.

It would be very difficult to ascertain if the bloom is reduced/gone or not.
Some birds blooms are much thicker than others,
I(think) can feel it when I wash eggs under running water 'scrubbing' with my hands.

Floating eggs is not a good way to find out if eggs are 'bad' or not,
it just tells you if they maybe be older due to evaporation making them float.
Candling would be worthless also.

When in doubt....
Open eggs one at a time in a separate dish before adding to pan or recipe,
use your eyes, nose, and common sense to decide if egg is OK to eat.

Oh, and...Welcome to BYC! @Huxta
Where in this world are you located?
Climate, and time of year, is almost always a factor.
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