Does going into laying change pecking order?

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    Jul 22, 2013
    Can the order that chickens start laying change the pecking order?

    Although I'm not 100% certain I think my first chicken to lay is one on the lower end of the pecking order. The chickens in the middle are now squatting, and the "top hen" still isn't doing anything. Will this mean that the pecking order will change?

    My black sex link that has always been on the low end of the pecking order is now being really mean and actually made my sweetest chicken bleed this evening. I shooed my hand at her (the BSL) and held her down to show her that I'm boss like I use to do with my mean red sex link. But what do I do? Nothing? It's hard to see them being mean to each other. My coop is so full of drama! It never use to be like this. I know they are crazy hormonal teenager though so I'm trying to leave them alone.

    They are all 17.5wks old and 4 out of 6 are squatting. The mean BSL just started squatting today.
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    It sort of does change pecking order in that laying causes them to get more respect. For instance, I've had young ones in the flock and the older ones don't give them the time of day until they start to lay. Then, and only then, do they ever have a chance to move up in pecking order.

    It is hard to watch them being mean to each other but just let them sort it out. If you end up with one that just causes trouble still after a week or so, she needs a new home. I don't tolerate constant trouble makers. They upset the flock and keep everyone on edge. When these drama queens get a new home they often settle down since they will be at the bottom of pecking order.
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    Jul 22, 2013
    I was spying on them last night [​IMG] to watch their behavior and the pecking order has certainly been thrown out the window. Mine aren't being respectful though, they are being down right nasty to each other. I've never ever seen them fight like this!
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    In my experience, the pecking order is continuously changing. It can be because of laying, a roosters favorite, a chick grows up and challenges an adult, etc.
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