Does Mash help Egg Production in Winter?

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  1. My Mum told me someone from work says that if you feed chickens mash rather than pellets in winter it increases egg production because it keeps them warmer in winter. Is this true? It is because my 5 chickens at 27 weeks old still haven't laid. Will this have a better effect for them starting laying or would adding a light to the coop help more? They are RIR.

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    Let's wait to hear some of the experts but my thought is ...the layer pellets have the scientific formula. It tested and proven. Then again the pioneers didn't use a layer formula and they got eggs.
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    You might get more info if you post this is the Feeding & Watering Your Flock section. Or you could do a search for it either using the search feature or just by scanning through the aforementioned section. The folks over there know their stuff and are constantly comparing notes with each other regarding best ways of feeding. They can help you out.

    Good luck.
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    Mine eat a homemade mash that my local feed store grinds and it's doesn't help any. The main problem is lack of light and the natural process of molting.

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