Does "Predator Eye" or "Nite Guard" work???

Hello, where are you? Oh yea, and

The product does seem to dissuade Great Horned Owls from killing hens roosting in trees. Mostly I think because of the lighting fast reaction time of owls' irises to changes in ambient light.

You'll have to interview a Great Horned Owl to know for sure but I believe that it upsets the owls' stomach or maybe it gives them vertigo..

As far as I can tell the mammal vermin all think that the one I purchased is a Disco Ball because they party beneath it till the break of dawn.

The red flashing light that sends varmints fleeing the furthest, the fastest, and the best is the red flashing light that comes out of the business end of my Model 12 Winchester. I have yet to see that flashing red light fail.

The red flashing light mentioned above also works 24 hours a day. Just saying!
Thank you for your feedback. I had my suspicions they didn't work but they got 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon so I figured I would ask here for a more reliable opinion.

I live in Southeastern Pennsylvania.My chickens are penned in a covered run safe from birds of prey and any larger predators like coyotes and foxes but it has a weak spot that racoons and opossums might be able to break into. I need to build them a larger more permanent run but for now, I should probably just get some plywood and secure that spot better. I live on a horse farm and had 2 turkeys that passed away a couple of years ago but this is the first time I have ever owned chickens so my inexperience always makes me worried and unsure that I have made their living space protected enough.
Funny, I was actually looking at that on Amazon two nights ago after I just lost my favorite, sweetest hen
My black australorp, Sweetie Bird was taken out by what I can only guess was a fox or raccoon.. I went out to feed them early in the morning and saw black feathers everywhere and no sweetie bird. I immediately broke into tears over it as it is my first loss since I got the chickens several months ago. I am going to have to make my run predator proof by covering the top and some repairs to the coop.. so I could use any good suggestions! I live in southern central NJ. This is my chickens set up, the whole area in the backyard is their run and the coop is inside it.. I believe it was hand built by the previous owner of my house
Put one in and first night it was there a racoon came and ate our chicken that was safe for 2 years. So... If anything it attracts racoons i think. Literally first night we put it up a racoon came and dug under our coop and killed our rooster. We caught the racoon with a live trap the next night cause he came back (with the light still up) and shot it to death. Id rather have my rooster than revenge but if you trust in a stupid light instead of wiring under your coop, revenge might be the best you're ganna get. You might not even get that. I was lucky.

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