Feb 23, 2018
Its my first time hatching eggs. I have a pullet which have just started laying...she lays small eggs than regular egg for her breed(as she ispullet). And i know that those egg are fertil as i also have a rooster n she mates with him. My question is can i give her,her own eggs to hatch they are just lil small eggs does that mean it will have any problem...or have a small chick.

Being small chicks is not a problem grown small at adulthood is part of worry for me.


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I'm not sure that is true.
Wouldn't chick size be relative to yolk size...which is proportional to shell size?

Quite possibly.

Folks around me trying to hatch pullet eggs ended up with late quitters while full sized eggs in the same incubator all made it.

Just figuring there isn't enough volume for the chicks.

If I am wrong I am wrong. No science backing it up so I very well could be wrong.


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May 23, 2017
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Pullet eggs normally quit long before any chicks are anywhere near viable but it isn't impossible. There are however breeds that will always lay a smaller egg despite being a larger breed even into full maturity and hatch full sized chicks just fine. But as has been noted if your girl isn't broody hatching won't happen unless you're using an incubator. :)
Feb 23, 2018
Thankzz for all your replies it really helped.

The chickens i have are native indian chicken's dont know their name specifically...this are little similar to game bird..and very often go broody...they dont lay much eggs (about 15-20 or some more and go broody) so i m sure my pullet will go broody after some more eggs..! I have planned to set her the other chicken eggs which are good sized.!!

This is it..and other replies and advices are appreciated


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