Does sour crop come with green poop? (Warning- poo pic)

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    May 6, 2013
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    Out of my 2 girls with sour crop, the worst one has been having green poops. The poops looks slightly more soft than normal, but are not diarrhea. (In the pic she has stepped in it before I could get a pic)
    They sometimes almost have a blue-ish green tint. Is this sour crop related or something more?
    So far I have still not been able to get her crop to totally deflate. I think there is a grass wad stuck in there, but she is still wanting food and pooping a lot.

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    That looks like it could be a bacterial infection or worms, both of which could cause crop stasis. Would be best to have a vet look at her poop to check for bacteria, yeasy, worm eggs and coccidia.


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