Does the Post Office Always Call?

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My chicks will ship next Wednesday from Ideal. I know they will be here Thursday because I have already talked to a postal supervisor ( one of my Customers DH's) who let me know it is a straight shot from Cameron to Fort Worth or Dallas and then over to Arlington which is smack dab between the two and probably no more than a 45 minute drive to either places main post office. I would even drive to one of those post offices if they would call me but the super said no, they won't call until they are in Arlington. So, they will go from whichever one of those two to the main post office in Arlington- about 15 minutes from me before they are moved over to my local branch. So will one of the post offices here in town, either the main one or mine call me when the chicks get there, or is there a chance they will be put on the regular mail truck with the rest of the days mail? The mailman doesn't come by here until 3:00 in the afternoon! I want my babies in the brooder and out of the box ASAP! Can y'all tell I'm a nervous first time chicken momma? Can someone from the been there done that crowd please tell me what the normal routine is on the post offices part? I just don't want my babies on truck after truck after truck...

Geez how am I gonna make it another week?!
I wouldn't count on a call. Best to stay on this like white on rice. I'm hoping all goes well for you and your chicklets!
My post office always calls. If the chicks arrive at 7 in the morning they should call you. They want those chicks out of there as quick as possible because of the noise. Also, you might want to check with the post office they will be going to.
Find out what time priority mail is brought in to them. My post office told me they got their first shipment in at 6 a.m. and the 2nd shipment about 6:45 or 7. I was at the post office at 6 a.m. - sitting out front waiting on the call. NO CALL came. I kept sitting and waiting. Finally when they opened I went in and ask. NO CHICKs. Left - 15 minutes later I got the call. The chicks had gotten left downtown - someone had to make a special run.
Check with the post office that the chicks will be going to and ask them how they will handle it.
I always call my P.O. at nite in the back where the trucks deliver at around 10 pm and tell them to call me no matter what time they come in and i will come and get them. They have always done that for me.
I'm gonna do more than just call them, I'm going to go talk to them in person! I figure if I go Monday or Tuesday I will still be fresh enough in their minds when my chicks get there- I hope. I'm going to visit the main one in town and the one that my mail runs out of, plus when I talk to Ideal ( I understand they call to remind you your chicks are shipping) then I will make sure they have noted for the post office to call me too anytime day or night!
On the box from M Mc today, it had right on it to call me and my phone number. I looked on my receipt, and it said on there Hold at Post Office and Call.
Okay. Ideal did ask for a phone number for the post office to call so I hope they do that. Surely they will.... right?

Halo your avatar cracks me up!
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I still called and alerted my PO the day my chicks were shipped, to give them a heads up and gave them my phone # just in case, plus mpc gave me a tracking # so I could see where they were . Right at this very moment they are in route to my PO.I'm patiently waiting for the phone to ring.
My postoffice was great.
One of the postal workers from two towns over brought my chics straight over to my house,but I did call them that morning and offered to pick them up.

It pays to live in a small town and ask the postmaster for info.Even he was happy to have the chics over for a visit.


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