Does this look like an Ameracauna? And a few questions???


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Hi! I have a few questions.... I just got this bird today, I was told that it was a 3 month old ameracauna hen? I am fairly new to all this and wanted a couple more hens so I drove an hour and picked up this hen who looks younger to me. She is missing feathers on her back, I gave her a bath and saw no signs of mites, or lice. Her skin is not irratated and her poop looks normal.... I really should have left and gone home, this guy had about 100 birds in a small enclosure, NO run....and poop everywhere, it was disgusting.....

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Just off the top of my head.. if she is missing feathers on her back... from a rooster mating with her, she is more than three months old....

I do hope you have quarantined her.. keep her out of your flock until you see if she is healthy.. worm her, dust her with Sevin Dust.. repeat each in ten days.. check her over.. maybe take some of her poop to the vet or even her to the vet to be checked. Don't let your flock get sick and die by exposing them to her before you know if she's well and healthy, disease free.

Seach here.. search on BYC "giving oral medications", "worming with Valbazen", "quarantining/quaranteening a new bird".... "when you get a new chicken", etc.

Maybe get her a "saddle or apron" if you also have a rooster. Maybe put some antiseptic on her back... some Blu Kote Spray.

Give her a good laying feed, oyster shells, and some Pedialyte (or electrolyte) water for now, while she's isolated. Build her up.. the move will be traumatic for her as well. Keep her safe and quiet for now, and away from your flock.

More later -- waiting for pictures... best of luck.

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