Dog attack! Please help!!


8 Years
May 7, 2011
My poor baby hen just got attacked by a dog and I am just fuuuming over it. She's in the middle of a molt and is already stressed out. I haven't had a chance to look her over much because she is soooo stressed and uncoordinated but I did for a decent wound on her back. I don't think it got the muscle but there could be more wounds I don't know about. Should I look her over good or let her rest and look later.

I just rinsed he with betadine and water and she's in a laundry basket covered up. What else can I do at this point. Should I try feeding her or giving her water or just let her rest? How does her prognosis look? Does her molting make her weaker to fight this? :(

This is my absolute favorite pet I have, I raised her from a baby and she's 4 and I only have had 4 others that came and went quickly so I need to do everything I can!!

It looks survivable. I'd give her food and water and maybe some extra protein because she's moulting, scrambled eggs or something.
It would be good if you could close the wound somehow stitches or butterfly Band-Aids ( also called steri strips) how big is the wound?
Maybe 4 or 5 inches. I haven't checked her tummy or under her wings yet. So scared to! She is having troubles standing and balancing though idk if it's from shock. I got some bactrim and tramadol in her that I had leftover from another event
Sounds like shock. Get some epsom salt water on her maybe. Better look for other wounds, I know it hard had a dog attack today too. You cleaned the wound out so now try to stabilize her... Get her out of shock, treats and sense she a pet, stay and talk to her ( that's what I'd do) pet her etc. Is she breathing heavy?
Keep her quiet and warm. The less you touch the wound the better. Use a needless syringe to irrigate the wound and remove any saliva from the hound. A good wound spray is easier to apply than gels and creams, Terramycin/pink eye spray is what I use . Vetericyne and cetrigen spray are also good products. You will need to keep her inside to prevent the flies getting to the wound.
Soft scrambled egg is always a good ' comfort ' food.

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