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Hangin Wit My Peeps
11 Years
Apr 20, 2008
Birnamwood, Wisconsin
I have a boxer and a pomeranian and both are GREAT with my chickens. Only took me a day of talking and training them and they were good! Now I can trust them out there alone with them and do. Never a problem


10 Years
Mar 11, 2010
I have a 4yo French Bulldog who is a chicken chaser. His intent is to play with them, however, the chickens aren't too fond of his game.


Dense Egg Goo
9 Years
Mar 22, 2010
Sacramento CA
I had a female Pit Bull who had a very intense prey drive, but by the time my chicks had grown up, she completely ignored them. Had no issues, I would say she is a chicken ignorer.

I have a male Pit Bull right now who will NOT let the cats anywhere near my four chicks brooder! He nips them, roughly, to get them out of the room. He is definately a chicken protector.

I had a German Shorthaired Pointer, who was the one dog who killed my hen in Grass Valley. I never once blamed the dog though, it was my dumb moment. She was a chicken killer, but it was 100% her breed and past training. She did well with them when people were outside with her, but I went inside for 5 seconds, came out and she had broken my chicken's neck. No blood or mess thank gosh, but the dog looked totally confused.
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In the Brooder
10 Years
Jun 12, 2009
In the backyard...
I had an Austrailian Shep x Border Collie for 13 years. She was a visitation and therapy dog and worked with guinea pigs, chickens, rabbits, hamsters, birds, cats, etc. NEVER had a problem with her. I believe her prey drive was focused towards frisbees and we always worked hard to teach her to respect other animals and people. She was very intuitive though, and protected me on several occasions, as some of the women's and children's shelters we visited at night were in very BAD areas.

I have a 14 year old Austrailian Shepherd, same deal. She sleeps with our hen.

Just wanted to add...they will also eat out of the same dish. Seems that my dog has a taste for chicken feed.
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10 Years
Nov 25, 2009
Central Vermont
Just a few criticisms, this doesn't take into account popularity of certain dog breeds. for ex. there's tons more labs than shiba inu's, we'll just say 7:1 labs to shiba's. This means that its statisticaly more likely more a lab to attack a bird than a shiba, 7x more likely to be precise. This does not mean that labs are worse with chickens, it simply means that there are more of them. Another problem is that you are not taking into account training of the dogs. We have a field spaniel mix that we rescued who was obsessed with the birds and attacked through the chicken wire, we taught her that this was not acceptable, but she could however chase the sparrows. She hasn't looked at the birds in years. I was raised around dogs, more so than chickens, and one of my few complaints about this board is that people don't understand dogs. They are not godless killing machines, they just may not know better. If your neighbors dog is on your property don't get out the gun, don't call the dog catcher, and don't blame the dog. We also have a golden retriever, he's is the most non aggressive dog that ever lived. I ounce put a chicken (old english bantam hen, so yes it did fit) in his open mouth to see what he would do, knowing he wouldn't hurt it, he just sat there with the bird in his mouth for three minutes before putting it down.


11 Years
Dec 29, 2008
Orange County, New York
Our Boxer just passed away (she lived 'til the ripe old age of 8 and a half, bless her) and she was WONDERFUL with our chickens. With our first clutch of chicks ever, I held a few up to her and she groomed them right away.
As they grew, she never became so interested in them but always hung around sniffing and all that. Actually, we have a hen that went after her! She'd go right up to our dog and start challenging her, getting her hackles up, and start pecking her. But Daphne would just walk away. We never had to worry about the safety of our flock when we left her alone with them. She even scared away a hawk that attacked one of our hens once. She really was the best dog.

So in a nutshell:

Boxer-Chicken Friend (At least in my case, of course.)


9 Years
Apr 9, 2010
I have a wolf mix that i would like to train...wish me luck LOL

She loves all humans, cats and dogs so long as they like her. Squirrels and birds on the other hand she will stalk in our backyard and eat.


9 Years
Apr 3, 2010
stanardsville, va
good luck bow_breaker
i have a puppy that will sit and watch chick tv....just as calmly as could be
if dh or i hold 1 she whines until we bring it for her to sniff...she just started sneaking in a couple licks...hopefully she is just loving and not


11 Years
Nov 10, 2008
Benton TN
I HAD a Redbone Coonhound that KILLED chickens. She has since moved to a new home.
I HAVE a Beagle and she GUARDS chickens.
Our new neighbors have a PITBULL and she IGNORES the chickens.
My late Great Dane used to IGNORE them as well.

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