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8 Years
Apr 14, 2011
Hello BYC Peps,

So i'm looking for suggestions about my 2 dogs. I have a 4 year old 67 pound Pitt (Pudge) and a 3 year old 91 pound Pitt (Bones). They are "Da Boys". This is the first time I have had Pitt Bulls.

I am looking for help because I am trying to figure out the best way to change some habits.

They both listen and know all the basic commands BUT when they want to they do what they want no matter what! Pudge acts like he wants to kill other dogs when he see's them but within 15 min he is playing with them, rabbits forget it he looses all hearing, and he cannot be trusted with an open gate or door he has and will bolt! Then theirs Bones he is a happy go lucky guy but if Pudge does it then he MUST do it to. My boys are such gentleman when they are apart BUT when together they are just plain bad!

I have thought of shock collars but don't want to hurt them. I have three acres and want them to enjoy it all with me and not to be stuck in the fenced in area or in the house.

Thank you for reading this!


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Apr 28, 2011
Spirit Lake
We have an Airedale Terrier. She likes to RUN away mostly. She is on an invisible fence shock collar system. Its going to depend on the dog. Once she learned her boundaries, you can't pull her over the line even if the collar is off, which is good, because you want them to respect their space. Some dogs will take the shock of the collar to go over to the other side, then not want to come back in the yard. We bought our system at Cabelas. Was worth every penny. Even when the battery dies on the color, our dog has no desire to go bast her known boundaries.
Good Luck


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Mar 28, 2011
NC Foothills
If you go the electric fencing route.....someone posted how they had made a piece of small PVC pipe to fit over the box on the collars. That way if they play with each other no harm to expensive collars! I wish I had thought of that when I had two dogs.

This will take time.....
Separately, I would try recall exercises/games. In a small, manageable place, play recall games, where one dog at a time gets called back and forth between two people, and gets a big party each time he comes. This could be with a click and treat, with ball-playing, with tug, with food, whatever motivates him. Short, sweet sessions of this game, that gradually increase in difficulty. This increase could be longer distance, shaping for a faster recall, more distractions, randomizing rewards, fewer cues to come, etc. You only want to increase the difficulty in one area at a time, and maybe make other areas easier. Again, set him up for reward. Don't ask him to make a choice until he is really, really reliable. Make it ALWAYS rewarding when they come. No matter how frustrated or angry you are.

A really long lead can be used in teaching the recall. It should be used in an enclosed area, the dog should be allowed to drag it around, and it shouldn't be used as emergency breaks. The method in teaching with this lead is to let the dog out on it easily or unfurl it as you back away; when you are at the end of the lead: 1. call the dog to you with the word you want to use for recall and only this word. If he comes to you reward and praise for the return. If he doesn't pull him in gently with the lead until he is where you want him and reward and praise when he gets there. The lead shouldn't be used for harsh corrections.

Even better get a couple friends to play puppy yo-yo with you. Each takes a turn (indoors to start) calling the pup and rewarding with a "yes" or click and small (soft) treat ; as soon as the dog has taken the treat have the other person call and keep him going from one to the other this way. If he anticipates and starts to return to the next person in line change the call order. Dogs get distracted and bored so keep the lessons happy and as short as need be. When this recall is solid move the whole operation outdoors in a fenced area if you have one available.

Repition and lots and lots of praise. Oh yeah, and time too! Good Luck!

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