Dog is missing


9 Years
Aug 28, 2010
Sanford, NC
My husband was taking one of our dogs out to go to the bathroom tonight and there were deer in the yard that he did not see and our little dog took off after them. I am so worried about him. We have called and called and searched and searched. I am so worried rhat something will happen to him!

I am also exausted, i did not sleep well last night at all and I am afraid I will fall asleep before he comes back. He has not slept outside since we found him waundering the streets last Feb. Hubby has already fallen asleep on the couch so it is up to me to stand vigil.

Please send some positive come home thoughts our way for Bodhi. I dont know what we would do without our sweet little man!


i'm sure he'll find his way back home. Dogs are incredibly smart.
I am just so worried about the road. He is not used to roaming by himself so i am afraid he might get on the road. He does at least have on his collar. I nagged hubby enough that he does not ever take him outside without it on. He usually gets cold pretty fast, he has been gone for almost three hours now... I just wish he woul come home!
Last spring my wife took our daughter and grand daughter to NY for an overnight and to see a play. Our golden was pacing the house looking for her. Unknown to me our invisible fence was broken so when I let Dani out she left. She was gone from 6:30 PM to 3:30 AM when she showed up at the door and asked to be let in. I was panicked as this is 'her' dog and it was lost on my watch. This also is not a street smart dog and people drive like a bat out of h--- on our road - she returned unscathed. I'm thinking yours will return also.
Another 40 minutes and still no sign of him. I can not even yell for him really loud now because the neighbors are in bed. I am a nervous wreck, dont know if i should drive down the road... He is a small brown dog so chances of seeing him are slim.... But i do not know what else to do.

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