Dogs got at my roo.

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  1. conchopearl

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    Sep 19, 2015
    My beautiful cochin roo was attacked a couple days ago by a dog. He is alive and I think is doing ok. but his beautiful buble butt is gone. The dogs got a mouth full of feathers which I think it what saved him. but anyhow he has a bare butt and part of his back. First day I put peroxide on it and then got some of that purple stuff and a spray disinfectant. I put him in a cage right away and brought him in house as the hens were already after him. So am I doing the right thing for him? Should I give him something in his water or food to help him. Any idea how long it may take for his feathers to start to grow back? A lot of questions I have no answer for yet. :) He sure likes to crow a lot and he is in the room I sleep in. lol
  2. chicklover 1998

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    Sep 30, 2015
    apple cider vinegar, and yogurt or probiotics, if they were plucked they will grow back within a month, you can speed the process by feeding him a higher protein like 24% so meat bird starter grower, meat bird feed, feather fixer, or soybean meal. Too squelch the crowing you could put a dark thick blanket over the cage at night so any noise and/or light is diminished.

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