Doing another live hatch if anyone wants to join in for chat/experienc


9 Years
Jul 3, 2010
It's the same url as last time. There is no need to make an account or sign in. just click the nickname option in the bottom right and it will allow you to view the live stream and chat without any need to log in or sign in. Hope to see you soon. So far 2/21 have pipped and we can hear them in the egg a peepin away.
peep peep peep
UPDATE: one lil fellow has already hatched out completly. We now have about 5 that are pipping
update: #1: 2/21 hatched 6 pippers

update #2: 3/21 hatched more have pipped

update #3: 6/21 hatched 3 pipped
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Ok the shows over for the night folks. I enjoyed chatting with everyone. I timelapsed the last hatch of the night you can see it here

I will also be recording all night while waiting on the other lil cuties to hatch you can look for the video on my youtube channel here

Good luck to all and Happy Hatching
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