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  1. dirtyred

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    Nov 14, 2009
    hey yall i got doms and rir 12 hens 3 roosters one of my dom hens cant walk straight or stand on her own without acting drunk none of the others are acting funny she wants to eat and drink but cant stay upright long enough to i got her in the house with us she just started this today what do i need to do they are bout 6 months old goin to tsc tomorrow. She got clear eyes, nose and is very alert any advice would be appreciated very much
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    Welcome to BYC!!

    You say she is alert. Can you tell if this is a problem with her legs (musculoskeletal) or do you think it is more neurological? We had one that at 5 months was still not doing better from what we think was a back injury. She would stumble like she was drunk too unless you reached out to grab her and then somehow a miracle happened and she would take off like a shot. When she slowed down she would fall over. Can you tell if she has an external injuries or bruising? Have you given her a good going over with a good light? More information would be helpful.

    Cynthia had a bird that had a back injury and I seem to remember her making a sling and hanging her bird from it much like you would use to help a downed horse to stand.

    Since this is obviously a period of stress for her you might add vitimas and minerals to her water as well as sone apple cider vinegar.

    I hope someone else comes along who can offer some more ideas.
  3. dirtyred

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    Nov 14, 2009
    well when i picked her up she fought like a wildcat. ill put vitamins in her water today, she is still very alert , eyes bright looks healthy. Do you reckon one of the rooster was a little too romantic and hurt her?i know one of them is very aggressive . i suppose he needs the frying pan but dont knowif i can. anyway she will not stand up just sits. I was feeling her to see if she had lumps,eggbound so on and she fell over forward and couldnt right herself. any help would be appreciated thanks--- update ---the rest of the flock is doing well had two hens tie-up like fighting chickens thought that was weird. and one pooped a little runny but no blood Do I need to treat for cocci?
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  4. geebs

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    If cocci is suspected... treat for it... I always act on the side of precaution. I have lost a few birds not being proactive enough. I would put an antibiotic in the water also...It serves double duty. Just because there is no blood in the stool doesn't rule out cocci. Good luck.. I hope she heals.

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