Dominique or Barred Rock?


13 Years
Apr 10, 2011
Hi all, I have three pullets from Tractor Supply that were in a bin of assorted chicks and were identified as either Barred Rock or Dominique. It looks like I have two different black and white birds, so am hoping I have at least one Dominique. Any experts want to weigh in?
beak a and b.JPG
beak b.JPG
beak a.JPG
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Thanks, all. Hopefully, they will at least be good layers. All my other current hens are D'uccle and Silkies or Polkies. We want some bigger eggs, so we got these three, a RIR, a mystery chick I think is a sex link and a possible orpington.
Every barred rock I've had has laid large to jumbo eggs. They are also a friendly breed full of personality. My current hen is the largest (she's approximately 7 lbs), heartiest, and friendliest bird in my flock. She's also head hen but is not aggressive towards the other girls.

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