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    Feb 25, 2010
    Looks like a five week old roo to me. It's alot easier to tell when you have several of the same breed. Some lines differ. Some you can sex from day one with the head spot but not the line I am raising. I am hatching alot this year so I am going to try to band several chicks take photos at various ages. Trying to find early signs of what they will grow up to look like. Hoping to find a way to narrow down the number of birds I have to raise to maturity to pick my breeders from. I'm glad I have all the eggs I need three of my five hens are broody.
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    Bramble and his girls. He is so protective of his flock that you have to laugh! If he images danger he calls them all back inside the run and he stands guard at the open gate.

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    Ok, on the sex- link questions. What I have is a FBCMARAN Roo over Dom hens, Welsummer hens, and an Ameracana. Ended up with 7 chicks. They look a lot like the one posted above. They are 1 week old now. So we will see. Will keep you posted.


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    Sep 7, 2010
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    I am new to trying to sex these babies but I made a stab at it with the help of an friend of mine that raises another barred breed. Large spot male, small spot or none female right????? I hope so I banned them all right after hatch & fluff up, before I put them in the brooder. We will see.......
    I was lucky enough to get 15 eggs hand delivered from a SQ pair that had been sold before I got there but the owner was nice enough to gather eggs for me while she still had the pair & I got those instead. Out of 15 eggs, 3 were clear & all of the 12 others hatched. I am so excited. Hope they do well & I get a nice little flock going.
    I had about given up on getting any really nice birds after trying to hatch shipped eggs 3 times last season & ending up with 2 cockerels & 1 pullet. One of the cockerels had no tail........he looked like an Araucana Dominique......LOL He went to the sales yard............ The pair I kept is docile & she is a good layer of very light colored eggs. Unfortunately he has 2 spurs on his rose comb so I wouldn't use him to breed more to improve. I am selling them to a lady as pet quality. She has five hens already & her rooster died so i am sure it will be a nic home for them & she is traveling a very long way to come 7 get them. That in itself tells me alot about her dedication to her flock.
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    Sep 6, 2011
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    As far as sexing goes, a cockerel's legs are light, a pullet's dark from day one. I have looked and never seen any correlation between head spots and sex, but it could very well be my strain.

    Does anyone here know if Craig Russel still breeds white Dominiques?
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    Jan 1, 2011
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    Easter hatch! I got a few more full Dominique chicks out of this hatch. This little guy looks like a roo to me because of all the light color (he has light legs, too). He's so much lighter all over his body than any other Dominique chick I've had, sort of a silvery-grey. I really hope that translates to a nice light colored adult, because he'd be a great breeder for me to keep the color of my Dominiques from trending too dark.

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    May 9, 2011
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    I purchased my Dom's as eggs from Alabama last summer. I wanted a heritage, dual purpose, brown egg laying breed. Dom's seemed perfect. Everyone around here loves Dom roos. My neighbor's Dom roo died defending his flock of hens. My one roo is soooo protective that he attacks me every time I go to feed, water or collect eggs. I have bruised on my legs where he has hit me. Any ideas how to break him of being so agressive towards me? BYW, they live in a enclosed pen, with no threats/predators...
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    Mar 1, 2012
    West Virginia
    thank you! I really hope its not a roo but I have a feeling it is :[ His comb is very red and his waddles are already coming in... Is this typically for a rooster, the waddles to be coming in at 6 weeks or can this happen for a hen too? Also what age do they start to get their spurs? Its the only one of the breed i have so its hard to compare it to the barred rocks lol I always wondered why it looked so different [​IMG]
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    May 22, 2011
    Munger, MICHIGAN
    I did it, ordered Dominiques!! They arrived last friday April 6th. Granddaughter was here to help me bring the shipment from the post office home and get them in a tote and started drinking water!! Oh the cutest things ever, but one is having an issue with pasty butt, luckily Ive spotted it and check her often, Will this clear up or does it become life-threatening?? She is the tiniest one in the batch of 18, sleeps ALOT. Im worrying about her getting enough nutrition.
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    May 22, 2011
    Munger, MICHIGAN
    This is TINY, 5 days old. Colored her toenails so I can tell w hich one she is for sure. [​IMG]
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