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Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by Dixiedoodle, Feb 26, 2010.

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    Large numbers to compensate for lots of crap! Improvement will require I am consistent in the selection process. Presently my stock is out bred and will require some refining more than you have to do if all your birds sourced from same breeder.
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    Mine are 2nd and 3rd generation mixed hatchery... now a closed flock. It's kind of fun. I did get eggs from NYred... presently in the incubator. If I get a successful hatch, I'll establish another small breeding flock... I have had bad luck with shipped eggs in the past.
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    Photo of the start of our Dominique Flock


    Any guesses on genders? I think at least 3 pullets....
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    Sep 6, 2011
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    The head spots are indicators in some strains... works for mine but I can't tell from these pictures.
    The male head spot is usually larger and more scattered than the one on the female. The female's tends to be small and more compact.
  6. wsmith

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    Going by spots, overall shading and leg color, I think we have 4 pullets and 6 cockerels. Of course, I could be way off.....[​IMG]
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    Sounds about right. Someone else must get better than 50-50 because I usually end up with lots of cocks and less pullets.
  8. wsmith

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    Here's a shot from the top. I have a red light in the brooder, so I tookout most of the color to get better markings visibility. Still not a great shot though.
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    Hatched 5 Dominiques over the weekend. I'm starting to panic. Looks like all boys.
  10. wsmith

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    The oldest of our Dom chicks is WAY bigger than the rest. Weird. The girls have started calling him Shrek..... We have (I think) 3 cockerals and 3 pullets. Hatchery chicks have shipped this morning.
    I tell them not to get too attached, as he may not make the cut.

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