Done with hatching eggs!


11 Years
Oct 7, 2010
Central, Illinois
These duck eggs were over there due date and no pips, nothing. So I decide to chip away some of the shell from each egg this morning and leave them there over the time of the day well tonite nothing has happened and I have watched the bator for an hour nothing no movement, nothing. Then I just decide well they arent going to do anything and so I decide to open one egg... Fully Formed duckling in the egg and mom said to just throw them away well I wanted to see if they all had formed and when I opened the last egg it let out a little peep after I thought they were all dead...

DONE! No more! Maybe it's not ment to be.
I have never....ever.....ever....hatched duck eggs, but when I started hatching eggs I had a little three egg incubator and never hatched anything. It wasn't until later that I started hatching eggs and built a homemade incubator because the store bought incubators were too expensive (I was too cheap to buy one
) You can't consider every egg that doesn't hatch your fault because there are several reasons why they may not hatch. You have hatched some so consider yourself successful.
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Maybe your temperature is too low. Hatches would be late, babies would be weak, and you'd be opening them up when they were still alive? Try to get more thermometers and calibrate them. I'd invest in a cooking thermometer or a fever thermometer if you can stick it through a hole or something. But cooking thermometers are usually very accurate. Try to get a good one, too, about $19.99. You will never look back. I use a thermometer meant for checking body temperature, through the side of my Hovabator. My Brinsea is coming soon so I'll have to switch to a different thermometer, but it's really a great idea to use either a cooking thermometer or fever thermometer. Very sorry about your eggs though.
Where did you have your temperature set? I have to run mine at 103 to get 99 at egg level. You're right about humidity - that's pretty easy to keep stable.
I think we have all talked you into not quiting....maybe you should try some chicken eggs first...I think they might be easier. I wish I had some to send you, but I don't have any roosters.

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