Dorking eggs


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Mar 5, 2009
Lucerne Valley, CA
Extremely rare (and extremely tasty) dual egg/meat birds. Dorkings are colorful chickens that pack a lot of meat-very stocky. These are heritage chickens so they take about 5 months to mature. Super friendly too if you just want a chicken! Lays well, 5 medium size cream color eggs per week.

Dorkings are a very very rare bird and a very very old breed. Dorkings were mentioned in writings as ancient as the time of Julius Caesar. The Romans brought them to England when they took that country over and the Dorking really caught on there, especially in the town of-did you guess?-Dorking. Hence the name. But Dorkings aren't just a special breed because they're ancient and as rare as they are old. They're special because they're also a fabulously tasty breed. In a taste test, the Dorking won first place over many other breeds including the Rhode Island Red and Cornish X who tied for second. Dorkings are famous for their moist breast meat and the texture of the breast and thigh meat. One blogger who attended the Chicken Choosing taste test stated "This bird is known for its fine-textured, very white meat. It is also known to be docile, calm and adaptable. They are good foragers and would make a fine addition to most backyard or farmstead flocks."

Dorkings are in a mixed color flock including greys, duns, browns, tawny, salmon and various other colors. Both rosecomb and single comb.

$30 per dozen, including shipping

I can ship chicks too, as many or as few as you want $35 Express mail. If you want less than 25 I add a $5 heat pad.
These are such wonderful birds. I have 2 hens and roo and they are wonderful.
Wish I had more room this auction has been killing me.
The chicks are $5 each.

I have to agree with you, dandy doodle, I raised a lot of breeds and I love them better than any other. Let me know when you have room!

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