Dory chickens


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Jul 7, 2017
Has anyone heard of a dory chicken ?It's a big leghorn Cross with araucana. I supposedly have one but need some more info on them please. 8 can't find any mention on the Internet workout being food recipes up.

Has anyone got this cross and any photos that I can see please. Must be big leghorn. Not any other colour for me to compare with my hen. Thank you
Never heard of them.
What country you from?
Where did you get yours and that did they have to say about them?
I would post a picture but she looks a lot like a columbine so I and the seller are wondering if they are what he thought she was We are waiting to see if she lays a blue egg. In in the uk
I searched it and Cream Legbars popped up. They are similar to Columbines and lay a blue egg.. but they have a crest.

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