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    Do any of the feed companies make a higher calcium laying pellet/crumble? My older hens need the extra calcium and they won't eat the oyster shell pellets. I wish someone would make a higher calcium laying pellet for older hens. Any ideas about how to get calcium down them. I have about 50 laying hens so please don't say yogurt, cottage cheese, etc. It would take a truck load! Can you buy a calcium powder anywhere that I could mix into the feed or into sometype of mush and give it to them that way?
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    You could crush up your used egg shells on give it to them free choice. If you have 50 hens I would guess you eat a fair amount of eggs. I boil the shells before crushing so they don't get icky. Often times when we make noodles, I boil the shells, let them dry, crush and store in a bag in the freezer for use as needed.
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    Quote:Why do you think that the older hen needs more calcium?
    Layer feed should plenty of calcium in it for them. ( unless you are feeding a lot of treat that are throwing off there regular layer feed..)
    If you are getting soft shell eggs it could be that she has a Vitamin D deficiency..

    Vitamin D deficiency occurs worldwide in poultry of all ages. It is caused by a deficiency of vitamin D3 in the diet. Vitamin D3 is needed for proper Ca and P metabolism and in the formation of normal skeleton.

    * Ca = Calcium
    P = Phosphorus *


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