Double-jointed chick

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    Feb 21, 2009
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    I did a search for this and came up with NOTHIING so I decided I would see if anyone else knows about it.

    I hatched a gorgeous buff orpington chick three days ago. It walks just fine, just is not a fasst chick.

    I stood back and watched it when I put it in the brooder with some chicks that are only a couple days ahead, and it never I watched its legs.

    The leg joint moves both forward AND backward(the normal chocken leg positioon)


    Is this something I should try to put into the correct position and "freeze it" to stabilize while the chicken is young and there is hope...or should it just be left to ride out and see if it stabilizes on its own?

    The chick has FULL CONTROL over which direction the leg bends... it is just not a steady-footed when the leg bends forward.

    interfere, or not interfere. Is this something I should cull? I would hate to, its such a gorgeous chick and VERY healthy otherwise.

    Does this mean something went wrog during incubation?

    Is this an injury? I dont think undue trauma went on during the hatch and the chick has no scrapes or tears in the skin around the legs.

    I dont know. Please help!
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    I had one whose legs went googly and I had to cull him. He just got worse and worse and couldn't keep up with the others. He couldn't bend forward to get a drink.

    Slipped tendons is not uncommon in chicks, but I'm not sure about yours. Maybe you should wait a while and see what happens...

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