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May 25, 2021
Hey all, question I have African geese I got in April, I didn’t think they’d lay this year I started getting goose eggs in mid August and all of them have been double yolk. Should I be concerned? I want to incubate next season and sell goslings and I know incubating double eggs can be difficult. TIA


Nov 10, 2019
Northern California
Have they been laying fairly consistently, an average of an egg every other day to every two days per female?
If not it could be that something is off with her cycle. An egg could be getting rushed before it has time for the outer layers of albumen and calcium to accumulate onto it and it’s getting caught up with a preceding egg.
It could also be a fluke.

Double yolk hatlings are pretty hard to hatch successfully, you’d have to consult with the chicken owners that have done it here, they have more expierience becasuse so far I haven’t heard about it happening in the duck and goose forums.

A main concern is the health of the hatchlings, because they’re crammed in their there can be a high chance of them developing with health problems and possibly deformities if they survive at all.
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