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Mar 28, 2019
DeWinton, Alberta
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Hi all. I have read many articles and forums to help me deal with what I think is doughy crop in one of my ladies. I have tried what feels like everything to clear it. I've tried the yeast buster recipe, monistat and also flucanozole. The crop remains fuller than it should be and still doughy feeling.

Two questions;
1) There are two versions (at least) of the spice cupboard yeast buster on the forums. One using 1/16 tsp measurements in 5ml lemon juice and another 'updated' one using 30ml of water and 1 tsp measurements of spices. These are vastly different amounts. Can anyone help me determine which might be more effective. More is not always better and I'm confused.

2) Can a chicken live with this? I've been treating now for almost 3 weeks and though I do have smaller crop in the mornings, it is not empty. My girl seems otherwise happy and healthy, as far as I can tell (but we know this can be deceiving). At this point I've got to have upset her internal flora. I also need to be away for several days end of month and will not be able to treat her during that period. Will need to know if I may have to prepare my friend who will check in on them for a potentially dead bird.

Any advice, particularly from those who have actually cured (or not) this problem, would be appreciated.

May 29, 2019
One of my hens has had intermittent doughy crop related to reproductive issues (so be sure to work on finding the root of the peoblem). In her case, it's a sign that an egg broke inside her or she is otherwise experiencing some degree of inflammation in her reproductive system. Treating her for the underlying cause is ultimately what has worked best.

However, in the case that the doughy crop is stubborn and needs to be cured, acified copper sulfate (ACS) has worked best in my experience. ACS is strong against crop issues like sour or doughy crop, but it can be toxic if overdosed. As such, be precise with your measurements:
  • Pre-mix 1 gallon of distilled water with 1/4 tsp. ACS. Mix until fully dissolved.
  • Make ACS mixture sole source of drinking water for 5-10 days.
  • Discard old batch/make a new batch after first 5 days.
In addition to the ACS treatment, I also give my hen chilled/solidified bits of coconut oil (1/2 tsp) followed by a 5 minute crop massage 2x daily. I feed her small amounts of watery mash with crushed/minced garlic and turmeric 2x day.

The above is the only thing that has helped me with a stubborn case of doughy crop. However, in my experience, it continues to be an issue until the underlying cause is tackled (which can be easier said than done, unfortunately!). Turmeric can help with inflammation, which in my experience has been the root of the crop issue. Adding black pepper and coconut oil helps with absorption.

Good luck to you and your chicken! Sending healing vibes your way!
May 29, 2019
ARG we don't appear to be able to get Acidified Copper Sulphate here in Canada, only copper sulfate...I don't feel confident that they can be used interchangeably!
I'm sorry! I wish I had more info on the treatment you're using. Hopefully you'll get some answers soon. I will say colloidal silver dosed orally, 1 drop 2x daily (500ppm) has also worked wonders for me--relating to crops and underlying issues. Never hurts, usually always helps in my experience.

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