dove eggs in octagon 20 incubator?

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Not been in here for a while...but mainly asking for a friend. He has doves, a certain breed where its hard to get hold of (apparently) anyway I told him I hatched our chickens in our manual brinsea octagon 20and he was interested for his doves....has anyone succesfully used this bator of doves and could you give me the instrutions on how to do it properly?....

Thanks in advance
The incubator will work the same as for chickens in my opinion.

The yolk of a chicken egg would be good for the first few days also to feed the squabs.

I make a pudding out of warm water or milk (depending how old) and chicken pellets. I feed them with a large syringe. I tend to make it on the watery side and and feed with milk for the first 5 days. They do not always make it. Good luck Birdman! There is also a few videos on U tube showing squabs being fed by different methods.

This was posted by Pigeon Power on the on this related topic:

Baby pigeons are very hard to hand raise and have to be fed every 3 to 4 hours...They also don't always open their beaks for you and you will have to carefully open their beaks for them and then try to stick food in their...Its all very time consuming and takes around a month for them to start really doing it on their own. I have been hand raised many many baby birds over15 or so years....I would get pigeon pellets and water it down and also add uncooked chicken egg too it, just make sure you get the eggs from someone you trust....then as the bird grows make it thicker...and around the time it get most of the adult feathers in just hand feed it pellets and remember the grit as well

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