Down to 7


11 Years
Aug 18, 2008
Easley, SC
Candled the eggs last night. Out of I think around 18 we're down to 7. Day 18 will be Tuesday so I'll be setting them to hatch then.

I have another clutch of eggs in there incubating too which I haven't candled yet. Well I've candled mine but not the others yet. I had set 4 green Ameraucana eggs and the 1 blue one I have and they're all developing. There's 18 more that we got that are purebred show bantams. No clue breeds yet.
Can't wait to see how they're looking.
They're exactly a week behind the first clutch.
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Yes that's true. I'm really hoping they all hatch but I know that's probably not likely. They were nice and dark and had movement though so here's hoping! Its a whole lotta hurry up and wait.
Candled the second batch and out of the 18 I got from a breeder only 5 are developing. I wonder if my location is just really wrong.

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