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Downsizing. Who to pick. Whats your number?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by KinderKorner, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. KinderKorner

    KinderKorner Songster

    Mar 8, 2009
    Southern Illinois
    So we all know we have lots of extra animals running around. Have you even sat down and thought of how many you actually have. After you get up in the high numbers, you forget how many you really have. List yours. What are you getting rid of. What are you adding. [​IMG]

    Alright I have three horses

    A pig in the house.

    I have 14 goats (10 are going to kid this spring)

    5 cats

    2 ducks

    3 Buff Orps

    2 RIR

    10 EE's

    1 D Unncle

    4 Buff Brahmas

    5 Light Brahmas

    4 Mutts

    5 Mottled Cochins

    5 Mille Fleur Cochins

    3 Lemon Blue Cochins

    1 GLW

    1 SLW

    15 BLRW

    3 B/B/S silkies

    5 White Silkies

    I think that is it? Maybe. I can't remember.

    Total 92 animals.

    Which is way down from what I had months ago.

    The animals that have died or been rehomed this year. -

    2 Mini Donkeys

    7 cats

    1 dog

    100's of chickens

    1 goat

    Animals that will be going this spring-

    1 horse

    3 goats

    2 ducks

    Many chickens

    Animals I will be adding this spring-

    SQ Brahmas

    More goats

    More Silkies

    So come on addicts. State your number. How many do you have? Whats this years breeding plans?

    Edited because I already remembered some more chickens I forgot. [​IMG]
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2010

  2. KinderKorner

    KinderKorner Songster

    Mar 8, 2009
    Southern Illinois
    Breeding plans and what to downsize is still being decided.

    But I think I'm going to work on B/B/S and White Silkies for fun.

    Mottled and Mille Fleur Cochins for fun.

    BLRW and Light and Coronation Brahmas for laying and hatching flock.

    EE's because they sell well around here.

    And the rest will be going.

    My goat herd I hope to expand quite a bit this year. They make money while chickens are more a hobby.

    Horses are great, but I don't need three because my Health Problems make is hard to ride. So I'll keep my old clunker for myself, and keep the tame one for giving lessons on. The wild child, who was to my replacement ride after my old Toby is gone is going today.

    The piggy stays. She is part of the family.

    I never get cats. But when you have a farm, people think you can 'use' barn cats and drop them off. They get forever homes here, with food, and water, and a warm home, and get fixed. Luckily right now, I only have 4. With a 5th one I discovered out in the barn the other day. [​IMG]

    And I think thats it. I don't think I could downsize anymore than that. Although that will still put my number of animals between 50-100. Oh well.
  3. KKatknap

    KKatknap Songster

    Nov 15, 2009
    Albany, OR
    I'm so glad you posted this. I feel much better. Although, I don't know if I will show my DH. I'm not sure if it will comfort or frighten him. [​IMG]

    I only have:

    2 Horses

    2 Dogs (that I own...we board lots of "step-dogs" [​IMG] )

    7 Cats

    2 Australorps

    2 Ameraucanas

    1 SL Wyandotte

    1 Dark Cornish (oops...SUPPOSED to have been a Speckled Sussex, but I like her [​IMG] )

    4 Welsummer pullets

    (wow...is that all?)

    I will be getting:

    Faverolles chicks

    BLR Wyandotte chicks

    Blue/Splash Marans chicks

    B/B/S Orpington chicks

    A few head of Dexter cattle

    (this spring)

    I shall be rehoming:


    ETA: Perhaps I should have looked for an "upsizing" thread [​IMG]
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2010
  4. nivtup

    nivtup Songster

    Apr 24, 2008
    Shelton Washington
    Well something has got to go.

    Undecided at this point.
  5. jmhappycowboy

    jmhappycowboy The Egg Wrangler

    Dec 13, 2007
    Philadelphia, MS
    Wow glad you posted this. Here is my list. I have

    3 - APHA Horses
    1 - Baby Calf
    3 - Dogs
    3 - Cats
    3 - Grey Call Ducks
    18 - Royal Purple Guineas
    34 - Bantam B/B/S Orpingtons
    28 - Large Fowl B/B/S Orpingtons
    18 - B/B/S Turkens or Naked Necks

    The guineas are supposed to be picked up today. As for wanting anything else I think I have enough for the time being. LOL And will be selling down the flock of B/B/S Bantam Orpingtons by at least half.
  6. OhioEggs

    OhioEggs In the Brooder

    Feb 16, 2009
    Springfield, OH
    I fell like i have nothing. lol

    7 RIR's pullets

    14 EE Pullets

    1 Barred rock Roo.

    2 kittens that showed up

    5 dogs

    What I'm rehoming,:

    Nothing anymore. I got rid of 3 EE pullets and 1 rooster

    What I'm Adding:

    Silkies (eggs)


    Bantam Leghorn


    Mille Fleur!!

    Love that bator idea!
  7. briteday

    briteday Songster

    Dec 16, 2008
    Northern NV
    I have

    3 very small dogs
    1 cat (bigger than the dogs!)

    3 delawares
    5 EE pullets (winter slackers!)
    5 RIR's (going on 2 years of age)
    2 barred rocks (also almost 2)
    2 very young RIR pullets (about 4 months old)
    1 silkie pullet (at least I get to eat silkie eggs, DD sells all normal sized eggs otherwise!)
    1 silkie roo
    1 new young RIR roo
    1 EE roo

    I'm getting this Spring

    50 Townline ISA's, selling 35 when they arrive, really!
    6 RIR -white to breed with RIR roo next year
    4 RIR's to breed with RIR roo next year
    1 Jersey black giant for the teenager at home

    Selling in early Fall once replacement pullets start laying

    5 RIR hens
    2 BR hens
    4 EE's (too much slacker time feeding them with no eggs in winter, not impressed with egg size, came from Privett for the curious

    That will leave us with:

    15 ISA's
    6 RIR-white
    6 RIR
    1 EE - because the egg customers like the rare green egg in their box
    pair of silkies - I really need some eggs for us!
    1 Jersey giant- a splurge but it indulges the DD who sells the eggs...
    3 delawares ?? (not sure yet, eggs have been small so far)
    I RIR roo
    1 EE roo

    Total = 35 chickens to winter over

    3 dogs
    1 cat
    ...and a partridge in a pear tree...[​IMG]

  8. Uzuri

    Uzuri Songster

    Mar 25, 2009
    Boy, we've got nothing compared to you folks:

    7 chickens
    5 rabbits
    2 cats
    2 fish
    8,000,000 snails (roughly)
    1 dog
  9. sonew123

    sonew123 Poultry Snuggie

    Mar 16, 2009
    onchiota NY
    oh man the truth comes out now ok here goes

    19 -1 week old chicks
    37 eggs in bator
    45 chickens in barn/coops
    2 dogs
    2 cats
    1 fish

    not bad when I didnt list them idividually-that would scare me

    going this Spring:

    all chicks I decide not to keep
    10-15 of our existing hens-they'll be a year old but Im concentrating on whats in bator

    I'd like to have no more than 40 chickens heading into late Fall again-
  10. I've been downsizing all winter and not happy about it until a nice young couple took my entire beautiful banty flock so I know those will be happy and I can still visit them once in a while.

    I have:
    four weimaraners, an ACDx and a wolf/GS/huskyx (also DS and DD's brother/sister Golden/Springerx's who are now 9 1/2 yrs)
    (8dogs, can I make the font smaller?)
    8 cats (had 10, minus 2)
    6 goldfish (6 aquariums, the smallest is 50 galllons- too many tanks)
    1 BO roo, 4 BO hens, about 10? of their 4 month old chicks - is that about 15? I should go count...
    1 GLW roo and hen, 2 EE hens and 1 banty EE hen, that's five
    1 BO/RIR roo, 4 of same but pullets - five
    1 silkie roo and hen - 2
    1 banty round hen with daughter of unknown breed (was supposed to be bantam BLRW) - 2
    3 hatchery but very round and big BLRW hens
    2 RIR hens
    5 ducks (2 ganders, 3 hens)
    6 geese (two ganders, 4 gals)

    What I want:
    to eventually talk myself into only keeping BO's and bantam olive egg layers/Ameraucana's- blue eggs with just the two RIR hens instead of another flock of them and BLRW's or...I can't make up my mind but really should only keep the geese and BO's!
    The neighbors and I are breeding my RIR/BO roo to their RIR hens this Spring...we don't have a RIR roo but she wants chicks from her RIR hens and I miss my original RIR flock.

    What's going???
    I should give up on ducks for now, its COLD here for most of the year and its unfair to the water loving ducks
    (I've been wanting to post and learn how people live with ducks inside...)
    If I was smart and listened to myself I'd say every bird except the BO's and the geese!
    Some aquariums 2 or four
    some cats?

    WOW, I think I'm down to 67 total! I'd better count only birds...41!!! That's quite an accomplishment, SIL will not believe it!

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