Drake dismay causing rethinking?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Duckfarmer1, Dec 2, 2019.

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    Jul 23, 2019
    Ok, from the start I’ve been the crazy duck lady with tons of ducks, and at one point, got up to 50 at one time. I now have 43 and love them to death. The problem is, my nieve side, (all of me) has gotten the better of me, it seems. When we started this farm, I was under the frame of mind that it would be peace, love and harmony. No one would die. We would take in animals, etc. I have grown up since then and it has hurt.

    I have too many drakes. Out of 43 ducks, 22 are drakes. I know, it’s terrible. It hasn’t been bad, until now, and now it is. Within three weeks, three of my favorite ducks have been hurt. This can’t happen.

    This reality has been facing me for weeks, I just did not want to face it, because, I really hoped I could keep all my over-eaters!:lol:

    I am going to reach out to a woman in our town who has a lot of ducks also, but I don’t think she has the winter set up, for this many more. But, even if she could take a few. I’m going to put a few ads on our local internet livestock listing, which, is sadly, where I found many of these homeless guys.

    my least favorite option, but one, as a farmer, I suppose I need to, very sadly, sometimes allow/face/ come to terms with? Some of my family members would like to eat some. Obviously I have always said NO! But, if I place these drakes in the middle of winter at homes, they will most likely be Christmas dinner. So, in some weird way, maybe it’s better to have my Dad benefit from the duck I raised?

    This is all so hard. My supportive hubby and I discuss this a ton. He never pushed to downsize, other than the call ducks due to constant noise..:lol: But, we have discussed how it’s getting dangerous for the ones who are so dear to me. But, it is so messed up that I have to choose?

    These are tough decisions for someone who views life with rose-colored-glasses, and that there is good everywhere if you just look.
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    If you have enough space, you could set up a separate drake-only flock. Some members hera have drake-only flocks, can't remember if it was @Jpat or @thumper650
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    Another solution would be adding 66 females… :lau
  4. chickens really

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    Seriously and I'll be totally honest and never try to be mean. The harsh reality of owning livestock is males need to go. You only need one or two to continue breeding.
    The health of the females should be you biggest concern. I giveaway males or kill them if needed. It's a reality. :frow
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    Dec 26, 2018
    Hahahaa now see that is thinking!
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    If your family wants to eat them, I’d let them come and get some. You can all learn to process together, then when you get more ducks, you don’t have to worry all that much— call the family down and have a big duck dinner. That way the drakes have a nice time on your farm, and you can ensure they’re not mistreated in the future ;)
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    You kill them then what? Do you eat them?
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    Yes, harsh reality. Every so often I got lucky and a few boys found homes where they were wanted for being what they are.
    However, there's been a few really mean drakes that became dinner.

    You need to always aim for what creates the safest and happiest home for the majority. Drakes really challenge happiness, and safety, in bird flocks.
    Spend some time watching the flock. Make your best decisions after evaluating behavior of each male. Not all are mean. A few real nice guys can be kept and a few rehomed. Mean drakes should be honored at 350* until golden brown.
  9. chickens really

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    :frow...No I don't eat them. They go for other animals in need of food. ;)
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    Are you kidding is that why the wink?
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