Dressing percentages on different heritage breeds

Jake Levi

9 Years
Jan 14, 2011
Harrisville, MI
I am interested in if there is much difference in the dressing percentages among the heritage breeds.

I have only dressed out two, Broad Breasted Heritage Bronze, and the Wishard strain of Turkeys, the Wishard dressed out between wild eastern and the BB.

How about the other Heritage varieties?
Here are some weights I took last year. In this very limited comparison between strains, everything seemed to come out at about the same except the Royal Palm which were a little lighter. I had to use different scales for live and dressed birds. The live ones didn't want to stand quietly...go figure.

Whole Dressed
Bronze Tom 30 22 0.73
Bronze Hen 16 11.9 0.74
Narragansett Tom 21 16 0.76
Narragansett Tom 19 13.55 0.71
Narragansett Tom 16 10.5 0.66
Narragansett Tom 20 15 0.75
Narragansett Hen 10 7.4 0.74
Bourbon Red Tom 23 17.75 0.77
Royal Palm Tom 17 11 0.65
Royal Palm Tom 20 13.55 0.68
Midget White Hen 8 6.05 0.76

P.S. The table looked real nice when I was posting it. Sorry the final version is a little crooked. The first number is the live weight, the second number is the dressed weight, and the decimal is the proportion of live weight after dressing.
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