Droopy Comb and Lethargic Hen


8 Years
Jul 8, 2013
Merrimack , NH
I have a 1 yr old White Leghorn Hen that stopped laying a week or so ago. I thought she was Broody because of the NH weather changes. Then her Comb got droopy and she had greenish poop stuck to her butt. I washed it all off twice now and she wasn't clogged up. No lumps in her throat / crop either. Last night she returned to the coop after a day foraging and just laid down on the floor and wouldn't roost with the rest of the girls. This morning
I quarantined her after washing off her butt again. She is very lethargic and skinny. I offered her yogurt and electrolyte in her water but she is just laying on the floor of her cage. I had to go to work but didn't want the rest of the girls to peck her so I moved her to her own space. Should a force feed her tonight when I get home to make sure she is getting fluids? Help this is my first ever sick chicken.. Thanks

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