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Jul 29, 2010
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How old should the chicks be for me to be able to remove the rocks from the waterer, that they will nor drown?

I have the jar that attaches to the base kind, and have little gravel in their to prevent drowning. they are a week old now, but wanted to find out how long I should go with this.


I should add this is a small quart waterer since there are only 2 chicks in the brooder
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May I ask how do the marbles/rocks keep them from drowning? How much of a drowning risk is there? Do they just fall in beak first and can't get up? I've seen the advice about rocks, but never having raised chicks before I am trying to picture what the issue is all about.
Ive never put rocks or marbles in my chicks water. Ive never had one drown. I use the little screw on plastic waterers from the feed store. The bottoms come in lots of colors. So I guess it just comes down to what kind you use.
I always use marbles for the first week. Chicks tend to go to sleep when they want to- and it's not unusual to find them flat on their faces wherever they were standing. By one week they are much more coordinated.
i use to put marbles in the water, afraid they would drown. but i don't do it anymore and they've been just fine. although this past time i DID put marbles in the water only to encourage them to peck at the water so they would know that's where the water was. after i got my shipment of chicks, i dipped each chicks' beak into the water to show them, but for hours later, none of them went back to the water....then, after i put something shiny in it, they were interested and pecked the marbles, hence learning "hey, there's water in here"...lol....silly chicks!

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