Drunk driving - could have been ALOT worse.

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    My neighbor across the street had a party today. He and his wife are nice people, though I know he has been in trouble before. They had loud music playing most of the day, which we don't mind because our neighbors are all really good about turning it off around 7 pm.

    Sitting in the living room, we see our neighbor on his street bike (crotch rocket style) at about 60-70 MPH cut across RIGHT in front of our fence (small, white) really close to the mailboxes, then disappeared from our site. Not 5 seconds later we heard the crash. He lost control in the dirt in the empty lot next door, hit a large clump of creosote and he went flying one way and his bike went flying the other direction. The bike was upside down and Rick's head hit the wall of our other neighbor.

    Thank GOD the man had enough sense to put his helmet on. Someone starts yelling "Did he have the baby with him?" WTH??? A baby on a motorcycle???? So we start looking in bushes all over. Ken is holding his head so he doesn't move, and I have his legs.

    Then here comes one of his party buddies screaming at us to get the bike and move Rick in the house and for no one to call the cops. Our other neighbor told him "There may be a baby out here and you are worried about getting busted for drinking??" The dude charged my neighbor, who quite effectively knocked him right down on his butt. Turned out the baby was in the house.

    Ken said he could smell alcohol on Rivk so strong he felt drunk from it. They had to airlift Rick to a hospital down the hill as we are not equipped for those kinds of injuries. His bike registration was expired so the bike got impouded and I am bettin he gets arrested at the hospital.

    So. When you drink, if you drink, even ONE drink, hand over your keys. To think that there could have been a baby involved, and to think if he had flown a little higher he would have landed on our other neighbors kids. Well, be responsible. Help your friends be responsible.
  2. Judy

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    Feb 5, 2009
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    Drunk driving has had so much publicity, and the penalties have escalated so, I'm amazed that anyone with a lick of sense is silly enough to do it any more.

    Stupid, just stupid.
  3. debilorrah

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    Quote:It really was stupidity at its worst. I just hope he is ok and learns a very valuable lesson.
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    i agree that drunk driving is one of the stupidest, most potentially harmful actions a person can take. i can say this with complete understanding because i did so about 2 1/2 years ago. after much to drink, i was driving home on a windy country road. i missed a turn and rolled my car down an embankment. i flipped down a berm onto a driveway, upside down. i crawled out of my window without a scratch. my blood alcohol level was 3 times the legal limit.

    i am so so so thankful that i didn't hurt anyone during that drive. i'm ashamed of what i did, and i've paid my dues. i really wish people all understood the harm that can come of driving under the influence of alcohol, or any other illicit drug.
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    I dont drink at all anymore....that junk is poison. My friends an alcoholic and he is on his way down...Hate that stuff so much...[​IMG] To all those people who think they could never become an alcoholic, thats what he said too. If you drink, you can become an alcoholic. [​IMG]
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    I do not believe or condone drunk driving , I myself at 18 yrs old wrecked my mothers car when I thought I was " okay to drive " . I do believe in a matter of controlled drinking . I was recently pulled over because my husband had not purchased a new liscence plate for his truck that I have to drive . The police officer told me to get out of the truck to take a DUI test . I complied . He did the " finger test " and determined by that that I need a breathalizer test . I blew a .01 . I had 1 beer . He apologized profusley to me , and told me that the eye test showed that I was drunk . Those tests do not always work as shown by my statement...BTW...the beer I had was 2 hrs previous to my driving . There are so many people out there that abuse alchohol...I'm not denying that , but one drink is not enough to impare adults from driving when they have been accustomed to drinking before . Not driving though ! Please don't think that anyone who's had 1 beer , wine , or mixed drink will not be able to drive . Our legal limit here is .08 . As long as they do it in a reasonible fashion , who are you to say you can't drive after one drink ? I wish that there were stronger laws against drunk driving up here , we have some that have had 8 DUI's , and they are never locked up or recieve help . IMOA 2 is too much .
  7. hollymh

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    Feb 8, 2009
    I'm just astounded about the baby comment, I would have beat him to a bloody pulp had he had that baby with him... No remorse for stupidity.
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    I have been in two accidents caused by drunk drivers. The first one was an off duty fireman that hit me head-on. The damage to my face apparantly can never be repaired. That was his third - count them - third offense. The officers drove him HOME, not to jail. I am still astounded by that.

    I am so very thankful that the baby was not with him and that he didn't hurt any of the other children (or anybody else for the matter).

    We have a neighbor the next block over who has on three different occassions driven her truck while drunck into my 'backyard neighbor's' fence. Each time, she has been allowed to just stagger home. She's a teacher. I wonder if something should be said to the school were she teaches?

    Please, people, remember, taxis are cheap - lives are not.

    Scary, just plain scary.
  9. Royd

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    May 31, 2009
    Middleburg, Fl.
    have been in two accidents caused by drunk drivers. The first one was an off duty fireman that hit me head-on. The damage to my face apparantly can never be repaired. That was his third - count them - third offense. The officers drove him HOME, not to jail. I am still astounded by that.

    And those in law enforcement are aghast, as to why average joe would hold the good old boys network in contempt.

    They have the same attitude, as a group, as unions do.​
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    A volunteer fireman in the town I grew up in tried to answer a fire call straight from the bar... wrecked and died en route to the fire. I was still well underage and that's stayed with me ever since. I'm too small to have even one drink before driving, and I'm ferocious with my friends about it. This was a guy with plenty of firsthand knowledge from responding to DUI accidents, and he still couldn't tell he was too impaired to drive-- it's terrifying.

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