d'Uccle eggs...possibly mixed with Silkied Ameraucana


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I've got a conundrum, and I figured it's better to offer the eggs up here than to eat them, as someone may want them, right?

I have a big flock of Mottled, Lavender, and Porcelain d'Uccles all in one pen...with a flock of Silkied Ameraucanas that were growing out and showing no signs whatsoever of being mature enough to be of 'contagion...'

And suddenly I'm getting bright blue eggs and the fuzzy boys are all over anything that moves...when last week they were hiding under the d'Uccles like little girly men.

SO: I have a ton of eggs from this pen that could be from awesome d'Uccles...or might be from a weird mix, but useful if someone wants a project. The Silkied Ameraucanas are Splash and Calico, and they are Silkied from a spontaneous mutation, not from a cross with a Silkie. They are lovely and you can read all about them here.


This is an old pic...no Seramas anywhere near this pen.

This is for a dozen...but there will be more laid while they are separated over the next few weeks if anyone else is interested.
Someone asked if they would get any Silkied Ameraucanas out of the batch- here's my answer:

>They may be fathered by the Silkied Ameraucanas, but none will be 100%, nor will any of these be showing the silkied feather, as it must be present in both parents. Because the d'Uccles are not carrying that gene, it will either be a 100% d'Uccle, or a 50% Silkied Am. (carrying the silkied gene) and 50% d'Uccle.

Each one that hatches that is a mix will potentially lay colored eggs, too! The offspring could create a silkied d'Uccle if you put any carrying the silkied gene back on their siblings. That would be wild! You could also use the offspring to make bantam silkied Ameraucanas.

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