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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by 4ducks, Jul 8, 2015.

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    You haven't yet said...are your ducks getting Niacin? Also, what's the brand name of the food you're using?
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    And now that we've determined that laziness and being hot could be factors, can you let us know what else may be going on? If the duck is hot, how are you mitigating that? My Black Swedish duck was much more sensitive to heat because she was a chubster as a baby, but my all-black Cauyga was not as bad. that said in my first set of ducks--all mallards---I had a boy who was completely niacian deficient and needed rehab while his counterparts were fine. And on the other hand my White Creasted Peaking is always derpy....oh so derpy. As he gets older it just gets hissing at his own reflection in a puddle. Funny for me, but not so much for stressed out duck who was very ornery for the next day. But this was just him..and I knew it was his personality. So you can't tell until you investigate everything.

    Here's a good ducky checklist we need to solve this

    -How much water does your duck have access to? What is the temp of that water?
    -How much land does your duck have to run around? What is the air temp?
    -How much dry food is your duck eating? What brand is it?
    -How much fresh food is your duck eating?
    -What supplements is your duck using? What brand/what quantities?
    -What bedding do you use?
    -Are there any signs of distress? Trouble walking, trouble breathing, trouble seeing or hearing? Are his feathers shiny or dull?
    -Is this a true personality change?
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    All very good questions and observations.

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