Duck attacked by coon, injured wing


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I have a seven week old duck that was attacked by a coon. I want to treat her but didn't want to start before I had a plan. I have treated injured chickens before but know nothing about ducks. I am not even sure how the wing is supposed to look. The duck is walking around but is not quacking. I wouldn't have even known she was injured if she had been quacking as usual. I lost a couple of birds out of the coop she is in and decided to check her closely because she didn't quack at me. There is a bloody place high on the wing and the lower part is droopy or somewhat floppy. It appears there are feathers, skin, and flesh missing but I didn't take too much time to examine her because she seemed to be getting shocky.

I just want some suggestions from you experienced duck people on how to proceed. My thoughts are to treat her like I would a chicken. Put her in a pet carrier in the garage, keep her as quiet as possible, and treat her wounds with antibiotic ointment. Any other suggestions? I can not take her to the vet, if I can't pull her through this, I will have to put her down.

This pic was taken earlier this week, what kind of duck is she?

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I don't know what to do for a duck either. I live near lots of wild ducks and every single one I've found injured or wasted to the point it no longer tries to escape has been beyond my efforts to help by the time I find it. I use to try and then quit. But I also didn't know about BYC until recently.

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I sure hope your duck makes it!

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