Duck attacked by hawk..need advise/help...

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    1 of our ducks was attacked by a hawk this morning. She has a talon wound on the side of her head and on her wing ,near the elbow. I have some Vetericyn wound and infection treatment spray but i'm not sure if i can use it for the duck.
    i put Tetroxy HCA-280 in her water too.The Feedstore guy told me that's what folks are using for their poultry.

    i could REALLY use some advise with this.
  2. Nanas peeps

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    Feb 4, 2012
    I had a chicken attacked by a hawk last month and she had a wound to the back of her head and eye. I washed the area with a mild soap and warm water solution and applied a poly biotic and kept her separate from the rest of the flock. Kept warm, with plenty of food and fresh water, she was in isolation for about 2 weeks. We named her Anne Bonnie and she is doing well now and is back with the flock. I hope this might help with your duck. Good luck
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    thanks for your reply[​IMG]
    Splash seems to be doing much better,eating,drinking, grooming herself .She did lose an eye.
    we have her on antibiotics in her water and every time she dunks her head for a drink she gets the antibiotic into her eye as well as internally.
    she's in our house hanging out with her "sister" in our extra bathroom ...Good Grief ducks are messy! LOL

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