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    May 17, 2015
    My drake has the trademark "sex feathers" (the curls), and a noticeably larger neck. He also sounds noticeably different; it would be hard to miss a drake among a flock of ducks.
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    Jul 20, 2015
    New England USA

    What made you decide to get this breed?

    I wanted a cold hardy, heritage breed for eggs only. Since we're in New York and Cayugas are so stunning I thought I'd try them as my first ducks.

    What are your favorite characteristics about this breed?

    They're friendly and really just want to hang around with us whether we're walking around the yard or sitting on the patio.

    They don't mind being picked up and handled even though I only do this for health checks and when someone is being obstinate about leaving the foraging patch to go to bed.

    I love that they are such good foragers. Even with the shorter days and reduced foraging time outside they still find enough grub to make their crops look like they're going to burst. I like that they're getting a natural diet and a bonus it will save $$ over time.

    Their coloring is gorgeous. Photos do not do them justice. The green is brilliant and the shimmer in the blue and purple-ish feathers looks so beautiful in the sun.

    They seem to be eternal optimists. My ducks are just a few weeks shy of 6 months old. They've experienced moving from the brooder to an in-house pen to moving outside during the day to staying outside 24 hours a day, hot days, cool days, cold days, frost, frozen water and snow in their 6 short months. They've taken all of it in stride and thrived.

    The only time i see them resting during the day is when they're full and digesting. They're always doing something-- looking for scratch grains, catching bugs out of the air, sifting through their bedding, hunting salamanders near their pool, etc. I just wish they'd tell me why they put mouthfuls of straw several inches deep in the bathing pan every day, twice a day. I'm a little worried that someone thinks that would be a great place to nest.

    Heck, the morning of the first snow they'd already used their beaks to break the ice in the bathing pan and had taken their morning bath before the sun had fully risen. (The cold snap and snow was a complete surprise & not in the forecast for that day- I know not to let them have access to frozen water.)

    My most favorite thing about them is the sounds they make to each other throughout the day. They happily cluck and coo softly to each other all day long. I can frequently hear them talking to each other at night when I'm working on dinner. They make little piggy grunts and squeals when they find a particularly yummy or exciting spot to forage. When they're happy they make adorable hootie-coo noises to each other.

    Post some pics of your birds; male/female, chicks, eggs, etc!

    I have too many pics and videos of them. Some of my favorites are posted on BYC already:

    digesting sleepy duck on one of the last truly warm days of fall

    all four digesting/sleeping in the hosta patch they're removing for us

    all four foraging in the grass in summer. approx. August

    all four in nightcrawler hunting formation.

    I'll post pics of my first egg(s) when they start laying. My ducks will be 6 months old next month. I've been checking for eggs daily for months now.
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    Some cayugas do get drake feathers, some don't.
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    Nice pics!
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    oh how I love those beautiful ducks of ya'lls...[​IMG]. been trying to find some close, those I have found have been crossed with many other breeds. guess I will just have to get some eggs and hatch some. great looking ducks you guys. [​IMG]
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    Aug 17, 2015
    I don't get too many close up photos because my ducks have a strict "stay away human" policy, which includes running away like scared school girls when they see me, lol, but I love my little Cayuga drake! (I love them all, but they really are gorgeous!) My 7 year old named him Zombie when we got him. :)

    What made you decide to get this breed?
    · Do you own them for fun? Breeding? Some other purpose?
    I actually got him with a mallard and white crested pekin. It was a complete accident, chance of luck. Beautiful breed, and if I do extend my duck flock it'll be for more Cayugas.

    · What are your favorite characteristics about this breed?
    This boy was a bullet in the water the few times I did see him in the water. Unfortionately, the previous owner who raised him kept him and the 2 other drakes I got from them in a small box without swimming options most of their lives, so it took them a while to figure out playing in water. It was so fun watching him speed through the pool so quickly! Not sure if that's a breed thing, though. I love the coloring and gleem most especially.

    · Post some pics of your birds; male/female, chicks, eggs, etc!
    Here's my Zombie with his drake flock members. I can't get singular photos since they always crowd together. He's probably about 6 months old.


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    Jan 11, 2015
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    1. What great pictures, and an interesting breed. After reading this would LOVE to have some, but I've enough ducks already, and know when to say when.
    Maybe in the far future.
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    That's how I feel about chickens, lol, so I started ducks too... which begs the question, how many chickens do you want? :clap
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    I've chickens also :). Got ducks because I did not want more chickens :D
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    That foul fowl math strikes again...

    ... and again!

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