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    I got Token 3 months ago.When we got him we had no idea how much these little guys can poop! He was a duckling and we kept him inside and took him everywhere so I had to come up with something quick! I started looking into duck diapers and was so surprised that I wasn't the only weird one.. lol Here's what I have made so far! [​IMG]

    1st diaper: A sock
    2nd diaper: A puppy harness--used pads, cut them in half
    3rd: Swim wear--he is very comfortable in this one, it's very light :)

    The website i ordered one from has been taking too long to reply and deliver; it's been 5 weeks, $40. I'm still waiting... :( So I'm just going to perfect my duck diapers and keep making them myself instead. [​IMG]

    Have you guys made any diapers yourselves??? Post pics! :D

    -ps. No Token is NOT always indoors & yes *He's a happy Duck*

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