Duck died from unknown cause


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Apr 30, 2016
Hey, I was hoping someone could give me some insight.
I lost a duck hen quite traumatically the other day. Somewhere between probably one and five o clock in the evening. I found her right next to my run with her neck completely torn up. Not a certain part of her neck but everywhere from the back of her skull, under her chin and to her chest where the neck joins the body.
This has never happened before and I know we have coyotes in the area but it was just her neck that was damaged. She wasn’t dragged away or partially eaten.
Another thought is that she got her neck caught under the welded wire fence and got stuck trying to get out, and she was very close to the fence and the main bloodspot was just inside the fence. But there is little to no blood ON the fence, she wasn’t under the fence when I found her, and I really don’t see how the small sharp spots under the fence could’ve done THAT MUCH damage. On top of that, the place where most of the feathers were was a couple feet away, but that may have just been the wind.
I’ve considered the idea that she could’ve gotten injured from the fence and the chickens just saw the blood and went nuts and caused most of the damage, though I really don’t know how likely that is. Any ideas? I’d really appreciate it.
I’ve uploaded a picture but I don’t know if it will work as I’ve never done this before.


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Thank you, sannabelle.
Reading back through my post, I see I must’ve forgotten to mention that the duck was on the OUTSIDE of the fence. All of my birds were free ranging at this time and I happened to find her body next to the fence.
Do raccoons attack during the day? I’ve had coyotes and dogs take birds during broad daylight, but I’ve never heard of raccoons doing that. I thought they were more nocturnal, but then again, I thought coyotes were noctural.

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