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  1. My RI rooster is beating the snot out of my Pekin. What are your ideas on managing them?

    Eighteen weeks ago we brought home four chicks and two ducklings from Tractor Supply. Turns out we have two Golden Comet hens (Pixie and Trixie), two roosters [one Barred (Reuben) and one RI (Red)] and, well, I don't know what the Pekins (Howard and Bernadette) are.

    One week ago I noticed red cuts across one Pekin's (I'll say Howard) bill, between the eyes. I saw Red mount and just throttle Howard on the bill while I was feeding and cleaning up.

    I went to Rural King and bought a pre-fab coop and split the flock. After five days I let them all free-range together while I piddled around. Red just zeroed in on Howard and beat him every chance he got. I would dart over then whop Red with a small bag of treats (not enough to hurt but enough to make my point). Red would stop for a little while but basically I know they can't be together at all.

    So now I'm trying to work out how to deal with this. Howard and Bernadette get along fine with everyone else. Do I sort Red out, basically isolate him to his own pen? Do I rotate letting the ducks out with the hens one day and the hens and roosters the next? Or a little of all?

    From my readings I guess I'll have to bring in more hens for the roosters. I should have found that out before getting them. The husband said he knew about chickens, but the ratio was something he didn't mention - because he didn't know.
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  2. chickens really

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    Separate pens. Trying to keep the two species together is not going to work for you. My Ducks hate my Chickens..
    Free range separated too..
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    May 15, 2018
    I have the same issue however we got rid of the rooster because he was chasing my 7 year old daughter around the yard as well. My hens are super mean to my 5 ducks. Ducks and chickens just dont get along. :)
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  4. aart

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    Chicken female to male ratio will not necessarily solve your problem.
    Male ducks can harass and damage(due to anatomy differences) female chickens too.
    Maybe no male birds at all is the way to go?
    Unless you want to hatch, no real need for them.
    Otherwise, I'd keep them separate.
    If I ever had ducks, which I don't plan on - too wet/messy,
    I'd not let them live in same housing as the chickens.
  5. chickens really

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    :eek:...No Ducks for you?...:gig
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    Sorry I can't help but chime in...all my flock lives and goes to bed together and I having had any problems with it maybe I'm just lucky or it is a space issue I have 6 acres free range plus a 40x40 run and my co-op is 15x30 so that may make a difference and I also understand that not everyone can have that kind of chickens,ducks,geese,turkeys,and guinea all co exist peacefully together 20180815_164715.jpg 20180815_164434.jpg 20180627_112804.jpg
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    Duck No! :lol:
    I'll never say never, but I just don't have the right space for them.
    I'd like to have a lot of other animals for food (goats, cows, pigs),
    but I'm big on 'Coop First' ;)
  8. chickens really

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    :thumbsup...:highfive:...I love my Call Ducks. I think you would too...:woot
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  9. Thanks all.

    I've read other posts in the forum where ducks and chickens get along, but alas not mine. I hate it, too. The ducks really want to be with the chickens. They've been together since they were days old.

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  10. We didn't specifically choose any males. It was more like "two of those, one of those, one of those, and two ducklings." The grand-younglings picked them out. With the overabundance of roosters in our area, re-homing them is unlikely.

    We'll get a system worked out.

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