Duck Egg Incubation 6h Power Outage Day 23 - 20C Temp - Looking for input


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Dec 24, 2019
Hey, title puts it pretty clearly, but for more details, I'm using the Brinsea Mini II EX incubator to incubate some duck eggs, everything had been going perfectly up until last night, when, due to an odd electrical fuse setup in our home, we lost poweer to the incubator ~01:30, I'd had a late night and gone to sleep just before this, and didn't notice it until ~07:30, resulting in a power outage of ~6h, temperature seems to have dropped to 20C in this period (68F). Just wondering if this is a lost cause or not. I read up on some similar articles here, but there were a few differences, most were not about duck eggs (which I personally find to be more fickle), and in the cases I found it seems temperature did stay a bit higher than what I had, and were a few days later into incubation... But most did also seem to talk about longer outages.

I hope some more experienced individuals have some input. My current plan is to candle them just before lockdown to check for movement, for today I also took action to address that fact they would've stopped turning and tried to compensate for this, as well as disabling the 30m daily cooling period for today.
I’m not familiar with ducks at all, but It wont hurt to leave them in for a few days and then candle for survivors. Good luck! :fl
2 of 4 eggs hatched, one more definitely going to make it, 4th may make it, but is lagging behind a bit.

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