Duck egg


6 Years
Apr 28, 2013
I have a duck that has been hanging around my yard and pond for a few weeks now. Today she laid an egg next to the pond and when she moved it rolled into my pond. She stared into the pond for a while then the male landed and stared too. Not sure if I did the right thing but I got some long tongs and fished it out and placed it on some plants I took out of the pond the day before. Is it possible that she will come back and take care of it or is it doomed. I also have a dog and a cat so not sure if I can keep the cat away.
she won't come back..she wasn't planning on sitting or she'd have built a nest and started laying them..if you want it to hatch you need to incubate ducks lay eggs in our lake all the time...she just leaves them there..i fish them out and put them in the incubator..if i get them quick enough..since the water is cold..about half of them hatch.
Well today they have been in and out of the pond all day but I have not seen her sit on the egg.
What do they eat? Just wondering if I could buy them some food to get themto stay?
Are they Mallards if so according to the law of the land we're not suppose to do anything to keep them but if they are coming freely to your pond then it's their decision not something your doing, if they really like it there they may build a nest and hatch out ducklings but if your pond has snapping turtle the ducklings won't last long. Mallards are dabblers so they will find their own food in the mud around your pond, and I'm sure if you went to a feed store close buy they would have feed for wild ducks. If they do set up nesting at your place then you will have to protect them from your animals, baby ducks have no defences and adults don't either but at least they can fly if hunted. Good luck and enjoy ducks are so much fun to watch.. and

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