Duck eggs causing me stomach pain?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by kurtjackieprovost, Nov 25, 2011.

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    If your eggs taste "earthy", then the ducks are eating things like slugs, frogs, insects, dirt, etc.If you feed them JUST good feed and some treats occasionally ( like peas ), the eggs will taste MUCH different.

    Also, make SURE you are not worming them and trying to eat the eggs!
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  2. kurtjackieprovost

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    Apr 22, 2011
    Thank you all for the suggestions. I'm 99 percent sure it's the eggs.[​IMG] However, I've been having ulcer symptoms for sometime. Maybe even as long as I've been eating the eggs. I did go to the doctor and they are treating me for ulcer. My stomach is feeling better. I have never had a food allergy before. This was quite a shock to me.[​IMG]

    I have changed the brand of feed from Blue Seal to Purina even though I really don't think there is much of a difference there.[​IMG]
    They do not free range at this time and they ate all their grass in their pen and nothing will grow now.[​IMG] I seem to be alright if I eat it in baked goods. I will wait and try again at a later time, but I got to admit I'm scared to do it. [​IMG]I've not had that kind of pain since childbirth.[​IMG] lol
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    I've heard that dairy can be really bad for ulcers, so I would check to see if that, alone, is causing the problem since quiche has milk or cream in it.
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    My wife has the same problem. Although, she can eat the eggs boiled and baked. Just can't handle them fried or scrambled.
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    Aug 31, 2012

    I know this is an older post, but just in case you see this, what happened? I am having the SAME problem! I have 8 Khaki Campbells who are finally laying and both my husband and I are getting progressively worse stomach aches after eating them. So bad that we're afraid to eat them. We've tried eating just the duck eggs, then another day just our chicken eggs, and another day just commercial eggs and back to duck eggs. It's definitely the duck eggs.

    So if you see this, I'm really curious if you had any luck changing the feed or if the problem ever resolved. !!!
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    Jun 20, 2012
    I'm glad to see that someone commented on the "earthy" taste in the duck eggs. I tried mine, scrambled and they tasted a little "earthy" to me but my dog just LOVES them! I plan to bake with them once the weather cools. My new duck, Sahara is the one who I get the egg from, and she was given to me and he also said he wormed her before he brought her over so that could be where the taste is coming from at least in my case. I've never had a duck egg before so I wasn't sure the exact
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    I loved the taste of my ducks eggs. HOWEVER, they didn't like me. They ate the same feed as my other chickens, I use Flockraiser. I could use them in baked goods or even mixed with chicken eggs when making scrambled eggs, but not just scrambled duck, or easy over duck eggs... Will want to puke afterwards. I was lead to believe that its the sulfur in them that bugs me when they are on their own... SO... BYE BYE ducks.
  8. new2ducks

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    Jun 20, 2012
    sulfer in duck eggs? never heard of that
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    I am experiencing the same thing! I had ducks 30 years ago and no problem. We have 6 ducks and they started laying about a month ago and I made french toast with the eggs and thought I was going to die was in pain all day. When I use them for baking I experience a little stomach ache but nowhere as bad as when I use them for cooking in other ways. I made a poached egg and actually had severe pain and vomiting. I am so sad as well and I am afraid to try them again. My chickens should be laying soon and I will wait and see if there is a problem eating the chicken eggs. Let me know if changing the feed works if you decide to try eating duck eggs again.
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    Oct 19, 2012
    You could be allergic to wheat or soy. These are the main ones that cause grief. I have heaps of allergies and I see a Nutitionist GP. I thought I was allergic to chicken eggs from the shop but it turned out I was getting stomach pain from the oil I was using to cook them. Now I Use Nutalex to cook with. I have had an issue with my new duck eggs so I am experimenting as I do not always get the pain just some times. I think I get it when they eat more pellets than veg. I know I am allergic to wheat so I think when they eat the pellets in greater quantity the wheat comes through. So I am trying to give them more veg and salmon, plus their egg shells and one of their eggs every now and then. I am only a newbie so this is not advice just what I am doing at the moment. I would consider the things that you are putting with the eggs too. Like dairy is becoming a huge problem for people. I drink and use goats products because lactose makes me sick. If it is a big problem I would suggest seeing a nutritionist. Good luck.

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