Duck eggs went into early lockdown..


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May 6, 2011
I was suppose to go into lockdown on Monday but I had eggs that were rocking and about to internally pip on Saturday (Could see it poking at the air sac when candled) and panicked.

I went into early lockdown that Saturday night and things were going great.

I had one egg that externally pipped on Tuesday and it's a bit slow but making progress with the zipping. Currently I have 10 out of 12 that are externally pipped.

However, there are these two eggs that were the first to rock on Saturday but they haven't made any progress since then. I can't tell if they internally pipped because I can't open the incubator... What should I do at this point?

Since I went into lockdown Saturday instead.. I'm confused on when's the latest I should wait on the eggs?
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Argh!!! One of the two just made an external pip but at the wrong end !!

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